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Bill Cherry: Defending the Interests of the County

Written By Editor on 9/5/13 | 9/5/13

A lot has been made about Schoharie County Treasurer Bill Cherry's decision to wade into Jefferson's Town election this year. His action in sending letters to every one of the Republican voters in the Town proved decisive in taking down the incumbent Supervisor Dan Singletary. Cherry wrote in part that he "has squandered his chance to get things done for Jefferson by becoming the object of public scorn as a result of his dramatics and bluster at the monthly meetings of the county Board of Supervisors."

 Singletary, who has become known as perhaps the most combative County Supervisor, did not appreciate the barb. He accused Cherry of campaigning against him, which the Treasurer does not deny. Still, the 69-36 vote split broke decisively against Mr. Singletary and towards Sean Jordan, who appears primed to win in November.

 While there has been some criticism of Cherry's role in the caucus, it is obvious that his actions have defended the interests of the taxpayers of Schoharie County. Mr. Cherry represents the voters of Jefferson the same as Mr. Singletary-- and indeed for far longer. Mr. Cherry grew tired of the obstinance that Mr. Singletary represented on the County Board, such as that of former Seward Town Supervisor Larry Phillips.

 Mr. Cherry has made a name for himself defending the interests of the taxpayers of Schoharie County. Mr. Singletary's antics are not becoming of an elected official and Mr. Cherry has made sure that such an appellation will not refer to him as such for much longer.
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