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Gibson Leads Eldrige in County

Written By Editor on 9/1/14 | 9/1/14

According to the latest Schoharie News poll, incumbent Congressman Chris Gibson has developed a wide lead over his challenger Sean Eldridge.

Gibson (R): 75% - 80
Eldridge (D): 17% - 18
Someone Else: 3 - 3

Don't know: 6 - 6

Gibson spoke at last week's flood remembrance ceremony and was personally thanked by several of the local officials for his assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone thanked him for closing out flood funding issues that plagued the community for several years.

Irene Marked by Leaders in Blenheim Ceremony

It has been three years to the day since Hurricane Irene changed the Schoharie Valley forever. The Town of Blenheim hosted a remembrance ceremony at its future community center, as mentioned by Deputy Supervisor Renee Grabowski.

The event drew around thirty people, including volunteers, SALT members, and local officials. It began at 11am.

"I want us to be renewed.... every person has a role in this," said SALT Director Sarah Goodrich. "We continue to see SALT as an important piece of this puzzle."

The event was well attended
Congressman Chris Gibson said that he would not relent in helping the residents of the area until recovery was achieved. "I want to start with how proud I am of this community... Lesser people would have folded," he said. Gibson praised both SALT Director Goodrich and Schoharie Recovery founder Josh DeBartolo, who is currently helping flood victims in Colorado.

Assemblyman Peter Lopez became choked up when describing the devastation after the flood and thanking volunteers. "We have gone from flood victims to flood survivors to architects," he stated. He also noted that a full quarter of the calls his office receives is related to flood recovery.

Other local officials each said a few words. Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone thanked volunteers and Congressman Gibson personally for assisting in resolving a two year old account that was hamstrung by state bureaucracy. "We cannot ask for better representatives," he said of the Assemblyman, Congressman, and State Senator Seward. Esperance Supervisor Earl VanWormer marked the incredible progress in Esperance and beyond. Middleburgh Mayor Matthew Avitabile said that efforts from every part of local society have been extraordinary.

The event also marked a shift in tone, as Goodrich noted between recovery and revitalization. She said that 85% of all houses were either fixed or would be torn down. 15% remain unoccupied and need to be fixed.

Schoharie News Under New Ownership

Written By Editor on 8/31/14 | 8/31/14

Tim Knight has transferred ownership of the Schoharie News to interim owner Robert Panico. Mr. Panico will keep the Schoharie News in Middleburgh and hopes to continue and expand the fine journalistic standards of this newspaper.

Mr. Knight would like to thank the loyal readers who have grown this paper over the last year. He will contribute occasional columns on the site.

Opinion: Three Years After Irene

2011 marked a red letter date in Schoharie County's history.

Not only was it the year of great devastation, but that of great courage and resolve.

That August 28th and the weeks and months that followed showed tremendous emotion-- the shock and sadness of losing property and a way of life-- the joy of finding loved ones okay-- and the determination of working to assist neighbors or your own house or business.

According to SALT, 15% of those that were flooded will not be returning to their property. This has caused a large loss of population, tax value, and business up and down the Valley. However, it also shows that the vast majority of those flooded out have stayed and have been helped by volunteers and friends.

Schoharie County has partially recovered from the storm and its wrath. SALT is transitioning into a revitalization organization. Communities are getting back on their feet. None of this would have been possible without so many people and their good deeds. Out of the floodwaters came the blessing of each other's love.

Liquor Store Opening in Sharon Wednesday

Written By Editor on 8/26/14 | 8/26/14

A new liquor store will open in Sharon Springs Wednesday, continuing the community's strong business development streak. McDermott's Wine & Liquor will be opening 1pm tomorrow. The store has a Facebook page here, the source of our photos.

SALT Receives Large Donation from FAM

Fenimore Asset Management has been a great friend to flood recovery. The Cobleskill business gave $250,000 to SALT in 2012. This month the company pitched in $40,000 more for flood recovery.

Photo credit: SALT
According to SALT's press release, Director Sarah Goodrich stated, “As we at SALT turn our focus to community and economic renewal, support from successful local businesses such as FAM is vital.”

Vote in Our Poll: Who Will You Vote for Congress?

Written By Editor on 8/25/14 | 8/25/14

There is a new poll on our sidebar asking our readers to choose between two term incumbent Chris Gibson (R) or challenger Sean Eldridge (D).

McAllister, Milone, and Smith Seen As Most Effective

The results were not overwhelming, but three supervisors are the most effective members of the County Board, according to Schoharie News readers. The poll included must dissatisfaction, with a full 26% stating that no member was the most effective-- more than any supervisor.

Newcomers Sean Smith of Blenheim and Leo McAllister were among the top three, with McAllister seen as a pragmatist and Smith successfully winning funding for the rebuilding of the Blenheim Bridge. Second term Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone has won tax abatements at a county level and has led on many issues.

Make sure to vote in our new poll on the sidebar: who will you vote for Congress?

Barbic, Seward 1%  
Buzon, Middleburgh 5%  
Milone, Schoharie 15% 27  
Bleau, Wright 1%  
VanWormer, Esperance 3%  
Jordan, Jefferson 1% 1
 Smith, Blenheim 13% 22  
Smith, Broome 0%  
Skowfoe, Fulton 3% 
Lape, Richmondville 1%  
Manko, Sharon 2%  
Vroman, Summit 2%
Bradt, Carlisle 2%  
VanGlad, Gilboa 3%  
Federice, Conesville 6% 11  
McAllister, Cobleskill 16% 29  
Too early to say/None 26% 46   176 total - 

Schoharie Packed for Rock the Valley

Schoharie was mobbed with visitors on Saturday visiting the annual Rock the Valley concert and festivities. It was the fourth Rock the Valley since Hurricane Irene in 2014. The event was very well attended and money raised went to the Schoharie Fire Department.

The Valley Beverage Guy team won the bed races:
Photo credit the Schoharie Promotional Association and the Schoharie Fire Department.

Schoharie Introduces New Logo

Written By Editor on 8/22/14 | 8/22/14

The Village of Schoharie is looking to continue its flood recovery with a new publicity push. The community has unveiled a stylish new logo to promote its strengths. This also coincides with the Rock the Valley event tomorrow and a series of business openings in town. The logo's inclusion of water is a nod to the community's original name, Fountaintown.

Photo credit the Schoharie Promotional Association.

Sharon Hit by Mudslide, School Damage

The Town of Sharon suffered a flash flood last night, facing flooded basements and 4-6 inches of water in the school. There was a temporary road closure on Route 10 northbound after a mudslide. The flooding occurred near the intersection of Route 10 and Alder Avenue. 

Photos credit the Schoharie County Fire Wire Facebook page.

Airing of the Quilts Set for September 20th

Written By Editor on 8/21/14 | 8/21/14

The Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail has grown into a popular destination for Schoharie County residents and visitors to the area alike. The trail, which includes dozens of quilt patterns on barns, houses, and even a visitor's kiosk in Middleburgh span the County.

Photo credit: SC Quilt Barn Trail
Now the Quilt Barn Trail is hosting its Airing of the Quilts. It asks for those with quilts to hang them in a visible place and to pick up a map and drive the trail. Anyone interested can find more information on the group's website and Facebook page.

Kayak and Canoe Trip Planned for August 30th

Written By Editor on 8/20/14 | 8/20/14

A non-competitive trip down the Schoharie Creek is being planned and all are invited. The event, which will include both kayakers and canoers, is open to the public and will take place on August 30th. The organizers plan to have the start at 10am at the pavilion at Middleburgh's Tim Murphy Park and end at the Route 7 bridge in Schoharie. Anyone interested should bring their own watercraft, food, and drink and prepare for a friendly, easygoing love of local nature and the Schoharie Creek. This follow's Middleburgh's successful April kayak and canoe race.

More information can be found on the event's Facebook page.

Fourth Annual Rock the Valley in Schoharie August 23rd

This Saturday will see the third iteration of the Rock the Valley concert in Schoharie. Started in late 2011 as a response to the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene, the project has brought together first responders, flood victims, volunteers, and other community members for a day of fun and remembrance.

This year's Rock the Valley will take place this Saturday, August 23rd from noon to midnight in Schoharie. The night before will have a Vegas-themed gaming night. There will be bed races at 10am and over thirty vendors. All donations go to the Schoharie Fire Department. The current roundup calls for music all day and fun for the whole family.

More information can be found on the event's Facebook page.

Gibson Holds Large Lead Over Eldridge

Written By Editor on 8/19/14 | 8/19/14

In a recent poll of the NY-19 District, incumbent Congressman Chris Gibson is holding a substantial lead over Democratic challenger Sean Eldridge. Eldridge has been producing slick ads in the district, backed by millions in his family's money. Gibson has been just about everywhere, co-hosting an event in Wright recently.

In the poll conducted in July, Gibson holds a large lead:

Gibson (R) (Inc.) - 56%
Eldridge (D) - 29%
Other/Und - 15%

The poll, conducted by DFM research, also shows Gibson to have among the highest positive rankings of any person in politics in the district. He has a 48% favorable and 16% unfavorable rating, as compared to Governor Cuomo's 41% positive, 51% negative. In the race for Governor in the district, Cuomo leads Republican challenger Rob Astorino 45-37%.

Vote in Our New Poll: Who is the Most Effective Member of the County Board?

Written By Editor on 8/18/14 | 8/18/14

With contentious issues and the Ethington trial coming to the County Board, it is time to see what our readers think. Who has been the most effective member of the County Board so far this year? Why or why not?

Construction Begins at Schoharie Senior Housing Project

Construction has begun at the site of the future Schoharie senior housing project. The construction, being done near the former Great American site has attracted significant attention and is part of the flood recovery program endorsed by local agencies.

 Photo credit Schoharie Promotional Association's Facebook page.

Middleburgh Hosting Next Fourth Friday this Week

Middleburgh is hosting the next in the series of Fourth Friday events this Friday, August 22nd. The event will have vendors and businesses up and down Main Street, including special exhibits. Among the planned events will be musical guests, a car show at the Best House Museum, and art exhibits. This will be the Middleburgh Area Business Associations' fourth iteration of the event, which has proven very popular.

The following Fourth Friday will be September 26th. All are invited to the special events.

Rensselear Offers $1 Million Annually for Albany Casino Support

Written By Editor on 8/16/14 | 8/16/14

The City of Rensselear has offered neighboring Albany a large annual payment in exchange for its support of a casino application. Rensselear expects to make $5.8 million annually in casino receipts if accepted-- and Albany would take $1 million of it each year if it backs the casino push. This would total $10 million over ten years and comes after the casino effort in East Greenbush offered a similar $7 million deal for Albany.

These new negotiations were reported in the Times Union. Albany has not responded to the offer but faces a substantial fiscal hole after its only casino proposal moved to Rensselear. The project is worth $280 million total. The East Greenbush project is endorsed by the Saratoga Harness Racing Inc. and Churchill Downs. Any decision from Albany would have to be approved by the City Council.

The Howe Caverns proposal has local support, including Assemblyman Lopez, Congressman Gibson, Sheriff Desmond, and Senator Seward. While the other sites have picked up endorsements from cities such as Rensselear, Albany, Binghamton, Norwich, and Schenectady, the Howe Caverns site has one endorsement from the the Town of Cobleskill.

Rollover Crash in Carlisle

Written By Editor on 8/15/14 | 8/15/14

There was a rollover crash in Carlisle this morning. These photos were placed on the Schoharie County Fire Wire Facebook page.

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