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Putman Porch Music at Yankee Hill Lock

Written By Editor on 6/29/23 | 6/29/23

Fort Hunter, NY – Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site will host the last of the Putman Porch Music at Yankee Hill Lock for 2023 this Thursday, June 29th at 6:30pm.  The site hosted the weekly series on Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Yankee Hill Lock off Queen Anne Road, Amsterdam during the month of June.   This series invites local musicians to come spend an evening on the historic Putman Canal Store porch to jam and enliven the vibe of the former Erie Canal stop off. 

Musicians with an interest in American roots, bluegrass and folk music are encouraged to spend some time on the porch and be a part of a great shared experience.  Much like a group of canawlers that happen to be stuck waiting at the lock, a few instruments and strong voices is all that is needed to pass the time.

This event is free and open to the public.  The grounds of Schoharie Crossing are open all year from dawn until dusk. Putman Canal Store is located at 550 Queen Anne Road, Amsterdam.

For more information about programs at Schoharie Crossing, please contact the Visitor Center at (518) 829-7516, email, or visit our NYS Parks webpage. The Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site Visitor Center is location at 129 Schoharie Street, Fort Hunter, NY 12069.The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation oversees more than 250 individual state parks, historic sites, golf courses, boat launches and recreational trails, which are visited by 78 million people annually.  For more information on any of these recreation areas, call 518-474-0456 or visit, connect on Facebook, or follow-on Twitter.

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Fenimore Art Museum Offers Guided Tours of Its Haudenosaunee Interpretive Area – Otsego: A Meeting Place

Written By Editor on 6/26/23 | 6/26/23




Guided Tours of Otsego: A Meeting Place
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.
July 6, 7, 8, 20, 21, 22 / August 3, 4, 17, 18, 19 / September 28, 29, 30
Tours are included with paid museum admission.

Cooperstown, New York  Visit Fenimore Art Museum this summer for a guided tour of its Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) interpretive area Otsego: A Meeting PlaceThe calm, deep waters of Otsego Lake were for many years a meeting place for Natives traveling the Susquehanna and Mohawk Rivers. Tour the Otsego Lake shoreline with a museum educator to learn about the early inhabitants of these waters.  Explore the museum’s immersive, reproduction Mohawk Bark House and original Seneca Log House to gain insight into the changing Central New York landscape and an appreciation for the lasting legacy of the Haudenosaunee. Tours last approximately 45 minutes and are included with paid museum admission. Find more information at


About Fenimore Art Museum

Fenimore Art Museum, located on the shores of Otsego Lake—James Fenimore Cooper’s “Glimmerglass”—in historic Cooperstown, New York, features a wide-ranging collection of American art including folk art; important American 18th- and 19th-century landscape, genre, and portrait paintings; more than 125,000 historic photographs representing the technical developments made in photography and providing extensive visual documentation of the region’s unique history; and the renowned Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection of American Indian Art comprised of nearly 900 art objects representative of a broad geographic range of North American Indian cultures, from the Northwest Coast, Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Southwest, Great Lakes, and Prairie regions. Visit 


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SUNY Cobleskill Introduces Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Communication

COBLESKILL — SUNY Cobleskill is introducing Agriculture Communication, a Bachelor of Science program to be offered to students for the first time in Fall 2023. Unifying core curriculum elements of the College’s Agriculture Business and Communications in Technology programs, Agriculture Communication is the first and only bachelor's program of its kind in the Northeast U.S.


The four-year program, combining technical skills in graphic design and digital media production with foundational and advanced courses in communication and agriculture, will prepare students to succeed in a wide variety of agricultural and food-related media and marketing positions through hands-on, multidisciplinary coursework with expert faculty.


The Agriculture Communication curriculum will encompass digital media, web design, interpersonal and intercultural communication, journalism, food systems, marketing, promotion and sales, agricultural policy, law, ethics, and leadership. Through these disciplines, students will acquire a working knowledge of agribusiness principles and an understanding of the American agricultural system and the roles these play in the global food economy. 


“This new program is truly transdisciplinary in that it pulls together so many of our varied disciplines at SUNY Cobleskill into one cohesive whole,” said Erik Hage, Interim Dean for Academic Affairs and Teaching Faculty and Professor of Communication and Journalism.


“It takes existing strengths in our agriculture, agribusiness, business, communication, and graphic design curricula and fuses them into a forward-thinking degree that comprehensively prepares students for a wide variety of careers. There are so many diversely talented faculty and such a variety of programs at the College. Agriculture Communication taps into the full scope of the Cobleskill experience and unites us under the ‘One Coby’ banner.”


The degree track also allows students to select upper-level courses for those who wish to focus on one specific expertise within the program. Career pathways for graduates include agricultural education or business, marketing and public relations, journalism, digital media production, and government affairs. 

For further reading on the program and information on how to apply, visit

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4 Tips for Combining Finances with Your Partner

Written By Editor on 6/25/23 | 6/25/23

If you’re in a long-term committed relationship, you may contemplate combining finances with your partner. Maybe you’re getting married, moving in together – or both. Or perhaps you already share expenses like rent, groceries, and utility bills – and life would be easier if you pooled your money together to cover such expenses. 

Whatever the situation, combining finances comes with many considerations and complexities. As with most things related to money, it helps to have a plan. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Communicate early and often. When it comes to relationships, you’ve probably heard the advice that communication is key. This adage holds true when combining finances, as well. In addition to sharing information about your cash, investments and other assets, be transparent about any existing debt you and your partner hold – whether from college loans, credit cards or other liabilities. You owe it to each other to be upfront about the mix of assets and obligations you’re bringing into the relationship. 

Next, discuss your spending habits, goals, and feelings about your current financial situation and aspirations for the future. Even if you and your partner agree on most things, you may find that you have clashing views on money, particularly if one partner earns more money than the other, or if your upbringings were markedly different. Getting all of this out in the open early can help you manage your differences and work better as a team. 

  1. Choose your insurance coverage. Insurance policies can provide a layer of protection over your finances and may help you feel more confident about your ability to handle unexpected events. Make it a priority to review your individual life, disability, health, car, and home insurance policies before deciding what coverage you would like as a couple. If either of you receive benefits through an employer, pay attention to the qualifying events and dates for when you can change your elections. 

  1. Update your beneficiaries and will. Thinking about what happens if one of you passes away may not be romantic, but it is an important step to protecting your loved ones financially. Discuss with your partner how you’d like assets to be divided and consider formalizing your wishes in a will. Also, update beneficiaries on your financial accounts (e.g., checking, saving and retirement accounts) and assets if necessary. This is especially important if you were previously married and have your former spouse listed as a beneficiary. In the same vein, if you want your partner to share ownership in any vehicle or property you own, update the titles accordingly.

  1. Set goals together. Now that you’re earning, spending and saving to support your life together, why not formalize the dreams you share for your future? Set aside time to discuss your short- and long-term goals, such as buying a house, pursuing higher education or retiring early. Bringing in the expertise of an experienced financial advisor can help pave the way as you work to achieve your biggest priorities – together.


Michael D. Lanuto, CRPC®, AWMA® is a Financial Advisor with S.M. Miller & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. in Albany, NY.  He specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 7 years. To contact him: 518-949-2039; 4 Atrium Drive, Ste 200, Albany, NY, 12205;;

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Vets Camp Out, Hike Over Eight Miles During WIM Backpacking Event

WINDHAM — The Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) took four wounded veterans backpacking and camping in the Northern Catskill Forest in this week’s Warriors in Motion® event from June 20-22.

“The last couple of days were a great experience for me,” warrior Erik Morales-Goroshko said after returning to ASF after the three-day excursion. “I saw the challenge again from the military where it brings physical and mental challenges back together, but having the camaraderie helped and it was just a great experience.”

The four veterans met with program manager Tony Vasile and the rest of the ASF staff on Tuesday afternoon at the Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Center at noon. They were treated to lunch before Vasile showed the participants where they were heading on the three-day trek and how to properly pack their backpacks. After everyone’s bags were packed, the WIM group was dropped off at the Batavia Kill Trailhead and began the 1.75-mile hike to the lean-to. The rocky and rooted trail didn’t stop the warriors, as they made it to the lean-to where they set up camp.

After a night around the campfire and listening to the owls hoot and coyotes howl, the WIM group rose out of their tents, packed up and hit the trail by 8 a.m. The veterans and Vasile set off from the Batavia Kill lean-to and began their climb up the back of Blackhead Mountain, a notoriously challenging 1,000 ft climb over a 0.9 miles stretch of trail. The equally steep descent led the group over a smaller mountain, Arizona, before the veterans began their descent from the peaks and made their way to Colgate Lake via Dutcher Notch, arriving at the lake’s primitive campsites and setting up their dwellings for the evening by 3 p.m. Day two’s hike covered a distance of seven miles, and the group had more time to bond at the campsite on the longest day of the year.

Two warriors had to leave early Thursday morning to get back to their homes, so they packed up and left at the crack of dawn. The remaining two warriors and Vasile packed their bags and tents and took the ASF shuttle bus back to Windham to indulge in a well-deserved breakfast at the Windham Diner. They returned to the ASF lodge with full stomachs to shower and say their goodbyes.

“I’ve been looking forward to this trip all season,” Vasile said. “We worked hard; we did some serious hiking yesterday. The community journal at the lean-to said, ‘whatever you do, don’t climb Blackhead Mountain’ and we did it with packs on our backs and got back to our campsite to enjoy a fire. I enjoyed getting to really spend time and bond with the participants. I can’t wait for next year.”

The ASF’s Warriors in Motion program provides participating injured United States servicemen and women with a basic knowledge and practice of wellness and the importance of lifelong healthy living.  Each event includes adaptive sports and nutrition instruction, as well as other healthful practices such as yoga and stress reduction techniques. ASF views the time that veterans spend together as an essential part of their healing, so the foundation makes sure that there are periods of downtime that the participants can use to connect with each other. All WIM programs are goal-oriented and empower the warrior to take charge of their own fitness and wellness.

The ASF’s next WIM event will take place next week from June 27-29 when eight veterans visit Windham for the hiking program. Thanks to generous donations given to the organization, the Adaptive Sports Foundation will be able to provide equipment, water bottles, all meals, snacks, water, sports drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, ponchos (if necessary) and trail maps.

If you’d like to donate to the Adaptive Sports Foundation’s Warriors in Motion program, or any of the other programs the ASF has to offer, visit

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Spend Time at Landis this July!

Pond Exploration

Saturday, July 1, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Upper Catskill String Quartet

Sunday, July 2, 2:09 - 3:00 PM

Landis Book Sale Saturday

Saturday, July 8, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Know and Nurture: Outdoor Yoga at Landis

Sunday, July 9, 2:00 PM (also August 6)


Star Party

Friday, July 14, 10:00 PM

Summer Nature and Nature Games

Sunday, July 16, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Recalibrate: Silent Excursions

Tuesday, Jul 18, 11:00 AM (Also August 22) 

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Bovina Farmers Market Thursday, June 22 from 4-7 pm

Written By Editor on 6/21/23 | 6/21/23

Bovina Farmers Market
Thursday, June 22 from 4-7 pm

Bovina Farmers Market is back this Thursday, June 22 from 4-7 pm, rain or shine, behind the historic Creamery just off Main Street Bovina at 50 Creamery Rd, Bovina, NY 13740.

This week we have another exciting menu from Molto Molto. They’re serving up pork sliders, dumplings, curry puffs, and naan bread. They’ll also have coffee, drinks, baked goods, and sweet treats. Visit our Instagram or Facebook to check out the full menu.

Mike Herman is back behind the guitar, and we’re excited to welcome the Watershed Agricultural Council and their My Woodlot initiative to the market. Their educational booth is a great resource for the whole family.
If you’ve been to the market over the past few weeks then you’ve already seen our fabulous @bovinamontessori Kid’s Corner. But that’s not all we have in store for this season!

On June 29 historian Ray LaFever will be giving a talk on the history of 4H clubs in the region.

And our friend, artist and author David Covell will be reading from his award-winning children’s book, Run Wild (and possibly some others!) on July 6, July 13, and August 10!

Bovina Center Montessori School will be back throughout the season with fun activities for the kiddos.

And country blues guitarist Mike Herman will be performing live each week!

Save the dates and bring the whole family out for an evening of community fun while supporting your local farmers and artisans!

And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn about our vendors and to see who will be at the market each week.

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ASF’s WIM Hiking Event Set To Take Place Next Week

WINDHAM, N.Y. – The Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) will wrap up a busy month of June with its Warriors in Motion® (WIM) hiking event next week on June 27-29.

The Warriors in Motion program provides participating injured United States servicemen and women with a basic knowledge and practice of wellness and the importance of lifelong healthy living. All Warriors in Motion programs are goal-oriented and empower the warrior to take charge of their own fitness and wellness.

U.S. Army Reserve veteran Melissa Lee, who retired from service within the past year, will be making her first trip to Windham, and is excited to see what the program can do for her. “I’m looking forward to the scenery, seeing and interacting with other veterans and just being outside,” Lee said.

The ASF has eight U.S. Military veterans, including Lee, scheduled to visit the Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Foundation on Tuesday afternoon to get their excursion started with a lunch, equipment fitting and basic hiking instruction. From there, the group of vets and volunteers will head to nearby Lexington to ascend the Diamond Notch Trail, a 1.5-mile hike that features the Diamond Notch Falls, providing a nice setting for the week’s first adventure. Once the WIM group finishes the hike, they will check into their hotels and return to ASF for a catered dinner. 

The ASF shuttle bus will pick the veterans up at their hotels on Wednesday morning and take them out to Tannersville, where the group will hike to Inspiration Point. Known as one of the Catskills’ greatest lookouts, the hike climbs 820 feet in elevation over a distance of about five miles. This hike will be an all-day affair and the program will have lunch on the trail. Once everyone takes their photos of the views and returns to the bus, they will be dropped off at their hotels to get ready for another dinner at the ASF lodge.

Day three’s hike will be determined based on how the warriors are feeling after their first two excursions. The group will return to ASF after the morning hike for lunch before the participants depart.

This is Lee’s first time participating in a warrior program, and she’s happy to be a part of it. “This is a great opportunity for me to go and enjoy what I like without people worrying about waiting for me because the other veterans and the volunteers understand what I’m going through,” she explained. “I won’t have to explain myself and I’ll be able to see other people. This will be a safe haven for me.”

The ASF’s Warriors in Motion program is funded by donations that were generously given to the organization. Thanks to these donations, the Adaptive Sports Foundation will be able to provide water bottles, all meals, snacks, water, sports drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, ponchos (if necessary) and trail maps for this upcoming event.

If you’d like to donate to the Adaptive Sports Foundation’s Warriors in Motion program, or any of the other programs the ASF has to offer, visit

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Storytelling Event at Bushel, June 25, 2 pm

Written By Editor on 6/20/23 | 6/20/23

DELHI — Bushel is pleased to present Storytellers, hosted by Louis Marrelli, featuring four area residents: Dawn Synan, Neil Rochmis, Jennie Williams, and Christina Hunt Wood. Each will share a personal tale from their life experience. This event takes place on Sunday, June 25, 2–4 pm at Bushel, 106 Main Street, Delhi. It is free and open to the public.

“Everyone has at least one great story in them,” says Louis Marrelli. “Whether it’s a life-changing event or a simple observation that gave them pause, sharing it from the stage gives everyone listening an opportunity to learn and find common ground.” 

This is the fourth installment of Louis Marrelli’s roving series, this time taking place at Bushel. “The Storytellers series began humbly enough as a gathering of friends in a small room in the Franklin Railroad Museum in October 2021,” explains Louis Marrelli. “It was in the wake of Covid and folks were happy to get out of their homes and mix with people at an event. The audience had a very warm and grateful reaction, and I knew I was on to something,” says Marrelli. “So far we’ve hosted Storytellers in a Delhi church basement, the Walton Theater, and at the Turquoise Barn in Bloomville.” 

Delhi resident Louis Marrelli is a retired television writer-producer and occasional actor, originally from New York City. He states, “It’s my goal to give a platform to people in our community to share a slice of their lives.” 

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Music historian and Pratt Institute Professor Cisco Bradley visits Diamond Hollow to present his two recent Duke University Press publications: The Williamsburg Avant-Garde:  Experimental Music and Sound on the Brooklyn Waterfront 


Universal Tonality: The Life and Music of William Parker


Sunday, June 18, doors at 5 PM followed by Cisco's presentation and LIVE musical contributions from DAVID NUSS and SARAH MARTIN-NUSS, the Brooklyn-based experimental pop duo Dancing In Tongues as well as DAN DERKS who explores broken beats and melodies through electronics and kinesthetic gesture.

                                          *Wine, water and hors d'oeuvres*


Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10-$20 to support the shop and the artists.


In The Williamsburg Avant-Garde, Cisco Bradley chronicles the rise and fall of the underground music and art scene in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn between the late 1980s and the early 2010s. Building on the neighborhood's punk DIY approach and aesthetic, Williamsburg's free jazz, post-punk, and noise musicians and groups produced shows in a variety of unlicensed venues as well as in clubs and cafes. At the same time, pirate radio station free103point9 and music festivals made Williamsburg an epicenter of New York's experimental culture. In 2005, New York's rezoning act devastated the community as gentrification displaced its participants farther afield in Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. With this portrait of Williamsburg, Bradley not only documents some of the most vital music of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, he offers thoughts on the formation, vibrancy, and life span of experimental music and art scenes everywhere.


Since ascending onto the world stage in the 1990s as one of the premier bassists and composers of his generation, William Parker has perpetually toured around the world and released over forty albums as a leader. He is one of the most influential jazz artists today. In Universal Tonality, historian and critic Cisco Bradley tells the story of Parker's life and music. Bradley traces Parker's ancestral roots in West Africa via the Carolinas to his childhood in the South Bronx, and illustrates his rise from the 1970s jazz lofts and extended work with pianist Cecil Taylor to the present day. He outlines how Parker's early influences--Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and writers of the Black arts movement--grounded Parker's aesthetic and musical practice in a commitment to community and the struggle for justice and freedom.


Diamond Hollow Books  72 Main Street, Andes  347-262-4187


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Rotary Club of Franklin Youth Leadership Award

The Rotary Club of Franklin, NY announces the selection of two students as participants in the Rotary District 7170’s 40th Annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference held at SUNY Oneonta from June 25th to June 28th, 2023. Franklin Central School juniors Tamara Wright and Sara Rosenbusch will join 85 students from across south-central New York State who will live, work, and study together at the RYLA Conference.

Aimed at developing leadership potential in young people, the conference will feature speakers, programs, and workshops focused on decision-making, critical thinking, effective communication, time management, ethics, career development, public service, contemporary problems, and other challenging issues. 

Franklin Rotary supports youth through several initiatives, including RYLA and our Rotary Youth Exchange program. As a volunteer organization, Franklin Rotary relies on donations to provide youth with life-changing experiences as they become tomorrow’s leaders. If you can, please support our efforts with a donation sent to Franklin Rotary Club, PO Box 178, Franklin, NY 13775. 

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Amateur Radio Association Annual Field Days This Weekend

Once again it's time for the Schoharie County Amateur Radio Association to “take it on the road.” Field Days, an exercise that combines fun, practice for actual emergency situations and field station setup and operation, along with a chance for folks to come out to see how it all works, will be held this weekend, as it is each year during the last weekend of June.

The public is invited to come by the Cobleskill Elk's Club where this year's Field Days will be held. Starting at noon Saturday and running through noon Sunday, radio contacts will be made coast to coast by SCARA members, utilizing several modes of communication, including voice, digital, and Morse Code. Temporary antennas are used, and a variety of equipment will be used to establish the contacts that are part of the fun, making new friends across the country.

There will be computers, shortwave transceivers, Morse Code keys, microphones, and hand-held radios being employed by licensed Amateur Radio operators who will be happy to show you what they're doing and how it all works. For a fascinating opportunity to see something different, you are invited to come by.

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Catskill Mountain's Stagecoach Run Art Festival Returns July 1 and 2

FRANKLIN — After being forced to postpone this storied event due to the pandemic, organizers are thrilled to announce that the Stagecoach Run Art Festival is back in 2023, with more than 20 locations and 50+ artists.

This self-guided tour of art in venues throughout the Franklin and Delhi area has won awards for its positive impact on tourism and the tens of thousands of dollars it has brought to the local economy. Many artists who have moved deep into the Catskills are participating in 2023 for the first time.

Franklin has become a popular destination for visitors thanks to being home to the Franklin Stage, Kabinett and Kammer, the shop owned by well known artist/author Sean Scherer, fashion designer Gary Graham of GaryGraham422 (and runner up of 2021's Making the Cut), and interior designer Meg Lavalette, whose LAVA Atelier in the village reflects the sophisticated design sense which has led to features on her work in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as well as several design magazines.

The Tulip and Rose restaurant offers international cuisine, Yokel offers down home comfort food for breakfast and lunch. The newly opened Good Eats epicurean market specializes in gourmet cheese and will soon feature a fine selection of wine and craft beers. The nearby towns of Delhi and Oneonta offer dozens of dining options.

It's a big lift to restart an event like the Stagecoach Run. We'd love your help getting the word out to make this our most successful year ever.

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Free Cancer Screenings Upcoming

Written By Editor on 6/18/23 | 6/18/23

  1.   Oneonta Free Cancer Screening Mobile Coach Event. June 20th from 9 - 3. Oneonta South Side Mall: 5066 State Hwy 23, Oneonta, NY. Free mammograms, breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap tests, and HPV tests are available to eligible uninsured and underinsured individuals 40 and older. Call to make an appointment and check on eligibility. Insurance also accepted. 1-888-345-0225.
  2.  Middleburgh Free Cancer Screening Mobile Coach Event. June 22 from 9 - 3. 109 Baker Ave., Middleburgh, NY.   Free mammograms, breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap tests, and HPV tests are available to eligible uninsured and underinsured individuals 40 and older. Call to make an appointment and check on eligibility. Insurance also accepted. 1-888-345-0225.

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