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Written By Editor on 5/31/13 | 5/31/13

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By phone: 518-763-6854 (cell-- call or text) or 607-652-5252
Fax: 607-652-5253
Mail: The Mountain Eagle / PO Box 162 / Schoharie NY 12157 or PO Box 278 / Stamford NY 12167

A Brief History

The Mountain Eagle was founded in 1982 in a collaboration led by Don Conover. Expanding rapidly, the newspaper soon became the read of choice for much of the northern Catskills. After a series of corporate owners starting in 1993, the newspaper changed-- and shrunk in both coverage and areas covered. We owe our original spark and growth to Mr. Conover.

The Schoharie News was an online-only newspaper founded by Timothy Knight of Middleburgh in 2013. It served as the community's only exclusively online news outlet from 2013-2016.  In September of 2014, Mr. Knight sold it to Robert Panico, also of Middleburgh, who ran the internet paper for five months. Mr. Knight briefly brought it to print from May-August 2015. Mr. Knight, who worked as a freelance reporter for the Mountain Eagle from July 2014 to February 2015, returned as editor and owner of the Schoharie News on Tuesday, February 24th 2015, replacing Mr. Panico as the sole proprietor.

On September 16, 2016, Matthew Avitabile from Middleburgh purchased the online Schoharie News and brought it to print in October 2016. He then purchased the Mountain Eagle from Columbia-Greene Media, combining the two publications. Now combined, the Mountain Eagle and Schoharie News serves Schoharie, Delaware, and Greene Counties, as well as two towns each in Otsego and Ulster Counties. The publication is now published through a partnership by him, Patrick Billings, and Robert Panico under Upstate Weekly News LLC.

The new model combined a number of young, aspiring writers and bringing alums of the Mountain Eagle, Windham Journal, Times Journal, Catskill Mountain News, and Times Union together to create a number of unique perspectives and skillsets. Our goal is to be a non-partisan source of local news without any national coverage and little statewide commentary except for issues affecting our area directly. All of our news is locally-derived and does not include any wire services. All services except for printing, provided by the Albany Times Union, is done in-house by our team.

We currently sell at 136 retail outlets and offer same-day mail delivery to nearly 40 post offices across the region. We are the largest geographical weekly in the Catskills and largest by paid circulation published in Schoharie County.

The Mountain Eagle and Schoharie News publishes each Friday, except for the weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving, for 50 editions per year.

The newspaper has gone through several recent expansions:

- Oct 2016: Schoharie News goes to print
- Jan 2017: Mountain Eagle and Schoharie News merge into one paper
- Feb 2018: New section: The Windham Weekly
- July 2020: New section: The Catskills Chronicle
- July 2021: New section: The Cobleskill Herald
- November 2021: Expanded section: The Schoharie News
- January 2023: Expanded section: The Mountain Eagle (Delaware County news, now includes Delhi)
- May 2023: Expanded coverage for Sharon Springs and expansion of distribution and coverage in Roseboom and Cherry Valley in Otsego County.

The current Mountain Eagle includes several publications in one newspaper-- the Mountain Eagle, the Schoharie News, the Windham Weekly, the Catskills Chronicle, the Cobleskill Herald, and the Tri-County News section.

Our current editors per section are:

A section - Mountain Eagle - Liz Page
B section - The Schoharie News - David Avitabile
C section - The Windham Weekly - Michael Ryan
D section, Tri-County News includes info from all of the other sections
E section - The Catskills Chronicle - Brian Sweeney
F section - The Cobleskill Herald - Joshua Walther (interim editor)

For more information, we are always available via phone (call or text) at 518-763-6854 or Monday-Wednesday at 607-652-5252. Our fax number is 607-652-5253. Email us at

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By phone: 518-763-6854 or 607-652-5252
Fax: 607-652-5253
Mail: The Mountain Eagle / PO Box 162 / Schoharie NY 12157


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