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Opinion: The DNC's Disgrace

Written By Cicero on 10/12/15 | 10/12/15

After two rounds of Republican fisticuffs on the big 2016 election stage, it's the Democrat Party's turn to debate tomorrow night. However, it's not entirely going well thus far, and that's without even a single word having been spoken yet. 
The DNC's latest antics
definitely fulfill their
party symbol as jackasses. 

You see, while the Republican debates have suffered from the inclusion of just way too many folks on the same stage, Democrats have been upset at their national leadership for scheduling only a handful of debates before the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. 

The call for more debates has been led by former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley since he launched his presidential campaign in the spring. Since then, several candidates, many voters, and even high ranking Democrat officials have joined O'Malley's call. 

Which has prompted the Democratic National Committee to disinvite Tulsi Gabbard from tomorrow's CNN debate. Gabbard, a U.S. Congresswoman, military veteran, and DNC Vice-Chair, has used her position to urge the party to hold more than the currently six scheduled debates. 

Veterans like Gabbard
served to defend U.S.A
freedoms. The DNC
obviously didn't get the
Apparently dissent is not to be tolerated in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's reign... I'm not going to straight up agree with O'Malley's position that the lack of debates is a pro-Hillary Clinton conspiracy within the DNC, but it is definitely revealing that the party refuses to adapt to the reality that the rank and file want to have a true discourse. 

Perhaps Hillary was the presumptive nominee when the debate schedule was hashed out several months ago, but that just isn't the case anymore. Sanders is leading in the early states and even Biden has showed significant support, even though he has yet to officially launch a bid. 

Furthermore, I don't believe enough words can express how distasteful I find the disinviting of Gabbard, an Iraq War Combat Veteran, who volunteered to serve overseas with her Hawaii National Guard unit despite her being personally opposed to the conflict.

This is truly a disgraceful act on part of the Democratic National Committee and I applaud the Sanders campaign for offering Gabbard an opportunity to attend the debate as a guest of the Senator. 

Letter to the Editor: To the People I Call True Heroes

Written By Editor on 10/7/15 | 10/7/15

I would like to take this time to personally thank all of the volunteer fire personnel who risk their lives daily. For the countless hours of training they have to go through to save our lives and property. For the countless hours they are away from their families. For all the time standing in the streets on a very hot or cold day or having some other type of fundraiser to make sure they are well equipped to save lives and property. Whenever they are needed, day or night, good or bad weather they respond without any question or concern for their own safety.

To all of the ambulance personnel who constantly train to keep up with all the requirements and techniques to be E.M.T.s, Paramedics, and et cetera. For all the time they are on call day, night, or weekends. For the time they spend fund raising to insure that the communities continue to have a well staffed and equipped ambulance to help and save lives. For the caring and compassion they show during people's time of need.

To all the people and staff that work with the mentally and physically challenged. Sometimes I would be at a restaurant, movie, or other function and be amazed at the patience and courtesy shown by you and your staff to your clients. I would say to my wife thank God for giving us special people like you ensuring the proper care of our mentally and physically challenged people.

To all the missionary workers who travel throughout the world helping the poor and sick, shysically and spiritually without and regard for their own personal health and safety.

To all the dedicated coaches, cub scouts, boy scouts, and girl scout leaders who give up their time so that our children can become well rounded individuals. Doing things that a lot of us parents, including myself don't make time for or are too busy to do.

To all the people that work with the elderly. For the patients and understanding you have to perform the tasks that are involved to assure the quality of care and life that is well deserved by our elderly.

To all the people who at the holiday time cook and serve food to the poor and homeless, giving up their time with their own families to make sure the poor and homeless enjoy a good meal.

To all the people who give their talent and their time unselfishly to help others in need, regardless of their own personal families and lives.

You don't have to be a famous athlete, star, or personality with your face on a ceral box or endorsement of some famous product to be my hero. Because you are the real heroes and I thank God for you all.

Pete Coppolo

Middleburgh FD, Village Complete Major Handicapped Accessibility Project

Written By Editor on 10/5/15 | 10/5/15

The Middleburgh Fire Department and Village of Middleburgh teamed up over the last two months to complete a major obstacle for disabled access. The Village funded a project recommended by Fire Chief Mike Devlin and Assistant Chief Jerry Wayman.

Chief Devlin placed a notice on the Fire Department's Facebook page, thanking Mayor Matthew Avitabile and the Village Board for their diligence in getting the project done. As a result of the project, both the men's and women's bathrooms are fully ADA compliant and refurbished. This was an improvement that the Department had asked for for several decades.

Posted on the MFD Facebook Page
The Village announced in June that it would be working on a solution to improve handicapped access to the Village Hall after helping multiple businesses around the area improve or introduce access for the disabled.

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