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Allegations of Political Opportunism in Wright Supervisor's Race

Written By Editor on 9/18/13 | 9/18/13

The Schoharie News has learned an interesting tidbit concerning Karl Remmers, the Town of Wright Democrat candidate for Supervisor, from a citizen of Wright who thought we might want to follow up on our article last week that mentioned their town's upcoming contended supervisor race.

According to the tidbit, Mr. Remmers allegedly registered as a Republican this Spring and pursued the GOP nomination along with his opponent in the general election, but after losing the caucus battle to current deputy supervisor and elected councilman Amber Bleau, quickly reregistered as a Democrat and successfully captured their nomination just last week.

Although nothing in the tip is illegal or politically a major mishap (Sheriff Desmond switched from Republican to Democrat in 2009 to seek the sheriff's office and then again this spring), it does bring into question both the principles of the nominating caucus and the political opportunism displayed by Mr. Remmers. Does he hold public service to be his highest priority... Or that of his own interests?

In a race to finally fill the long vacant position held by the late William Goblet, which featured a rather dysfunctional Town Board that couldn't even agree on an individual to cast Wright's vote on the Board of Supervisors between Goblet's death in March and November, the electorate will have to look long and hard at the personal characteristics of both candidates seeking their town's top job.
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