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Cobleskill Dems to Pick Candidate

Written By Editor on 9/6/13 | 9/6/13

Cobleskill town Democrats will select their candidate for supervisor Tuesday evening at 7pm in the community room of the library on Union Street.

Tom Murray, a Democrat, is currently the Cobleskill supervisor but should expect opposition. He has served two terms and was re-elected two years ago over Republican Ken Hotopp despite being implicated in the infamous "N" word incident in Cobleskill.

Cobleskill Republicans have already selected former Cobleskill-Richmondville school board member Leo McAllister to run for supervisor.

Murray's seat is very important in the Democrats retaining control of the county board. Murray, though, did not back Carl Barbic of Seward, his father-in-law, for chairman two years ago. Harold Vroman of Summit, a Republican, was elected chairman instead.
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