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County Report Aims for October Release

Written By Editor on 9/25/13 | 9/25/13

Boiling under the surface of County government for the last year has been the report conducted into the actions of the Schoharie County's handling of personnel and other issues. Launched after a series of complaints and lawsuits, the County Board of Supervisors approved the probe in a contentious yet nearly unanimous vote. Spending over $200,000 in County funds so far, an outside firm was hired to conduct a sweeping look into multiple facets of how business has been conducted.

Fitzmaurice & Walsh, based out of Westchester County conducted the probe, which was originally slated for a January 2013 release. During the almost two-year long probe, over 400 witnesses have been interviewed and personnel shifts dating back to 2009 have been questioned.

Much of the news that we have amassed has been already published. However, we can report a little additional information. Since early 2013 the date of publication for the report has been pushed back repeatedly. Our sources involved with the current County government says that the unveiling is currently slated for the middle of October. In addition, multiple past and present members of the County-- both elected and civil service have received additional attention. Whether these individuals, still unnamed, are going to be implicated in illegal activity is yet unknown. Sources stress that past officials may be implicated in the report although specific allegations of wrongdoing have not been forthcoming.

In addition, there has been disagreement over the cause of selling the County's home health services to the Rochester-based HCR. One claim is that the services, when provided by the County, had been a major money loser-- to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another claim states that Schoharie County had been making six figures off of the prior arrangement. Additional research will be done as neither claim is immediately verifiable.
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