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Opinion: The Right Mann in Blenheim

Written By Editor on 9/12/13 | 9/12/13

Little did Bob Mann, Jr. know that he was going to become a pillar of his community when he first ran for Town Supervisor as a twentysomething. Now nearly twenty years later Bob is a little older and a lot wiser. Blenheim has seen its ups and downs since the gas explosion and Hurricane Irene, but has also had a surprising amount of resiliency.

Much of that credit belongs to the plucky, industrious people of the County's smallest town, but much of it also falls at the feet of Supervisor Robert Mann. Mr. Mann has shepherded Blenheim through many projects and issues and has left Bleinheim in better shape than Irene would have left it.

Ultimately, Mr. Mann has proven himself within the Town boundaries, but has provided something else entirely. He has also served as one of the most stalwart, competent members of the Board of Supervisors, partnering with Bill Cherry to bring our County into its current debt-free environment. His leadership, though quiet at times, is necessary. That is why Mr. Mann is the first endorsement of the campaign season for the Schoharie News.
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