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Research Finds Bleau a Legal Candidate Despite Enrollment

Written By Editor on 9/25/13 | 9/25/13

Questions have been circulating about the nominating process in the Town of Wright. Karl Remmers has been nominated to fill the Democratic line, although questions have been raised about his party affiliation change from Republican to Democrat earlier this year.

However, similar questions have been raised about current Deputy Supervisor and Republican-ticket candidate Amber Bleau. Ms. Bleau is currently enrolled in the Conservative Party, which has rankled some.

At first glance in New York election law, it may appear that such a candidacy is illegal.
Except as provided in subdivisions three and four of this section, no party designation or nomination shall be valid unless the person so designated or nominated shall be an enrolled member of the political party referred to in the certificate of designation or nomination at the time of filing of such certificate.
However, a closer reading shows the process to be totally legal.
This section shall not apply to a political party designating or nominating candidates for the first time, to candidates nominated by party caucus, nor to candidates for judicial offices
In New York State it is a non-uncommon process for candidates to attempt nomination by multiple parties-- even both the Republicans and Democrats. In Middleburgh this year Town Clerk Brenda Lawyer and Town Highway Superintendent Dale Nunamann appear on the Republican, Democratic, and Conservative Party tickets. They are both registered Republicans.
The debate over whether Bleau or Remmers did the right thing morally may still continue, but the legal opinion is settled.
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