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2013 Shows Incumbents in Trouble

Written By Editor on 10/15/13 | 10/15/13

2011 was a bit of a watershed year. The Supervisor's races, shaped by the flood, a death, and retirements saw a dramatic shift. The seats in Middleburgh, Schoharie, Sharon, and Richmondville all shifted hands.

In 2013 a similar landscape is forming. There are multiple incumbents fighting tough battles, with some not returning for the next County Board.

There are two races where there will definitely be a shift. The death of William Goblet will set up a new Supervisor in Wright, even after all of the wrangling on the Town Board. Come January next year either Republican nominee Amber Bleau or Democratic nominee Karl Remmers will take the seat. In the Town of Broome Anne Batz' retirement to run for Town Clerk leaves Bill Smith as the likely frontrunner.

In Jefferson, Dan Singletary-- although now running as a third-party candidate-- appears to be in major trouble as Republican nominee Sean Jordan has tapped into a vein of the community's populace angry with Singletary's antics.

In Cobleskill Tom Murray is in the fight of his political life. Challenged by Republican Leo McAllister he faces a well-known, generally well-liked candidate. McAllister's business experience matches Murray's and carries no negative baggage that Murray has become known for.

In Schoharie it is round number three between current Supervisor Gene Milone (D) and former Supervisor Martin Shrederis (R). Milone's campaigning seems to have him in the lead and Shrederis' efforts have dropped in recent weeks.

Phil Skowfoe (D) has an advantage in the Town of Fulton, but his 2011 race did see him drop to just below 50%. Frank Tatten does have a base of support in the community and it appears that even if Skowfoe wins next month, it will not be a bruiseless win.

The Board of Supervisors may see nearly half of its number change hands in this year's election. This would mark a large shift in the balance of both the political landscape and policy.

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randy said...

I'll input my 2¢
Wright - Remmers would be another nightmare.
Jefferson - Singletary is a demonstrated bad person.
Cobleskill - Murray continues on his ego trip - Not a good choice.
Schoharie - Milone is the pick of the litter - just wish he'd control his jabber.
Fulton - Skowfoe may be the cartoon of the board - but with a genuine good heart wanting to do the right thing.
You didn't mention Blenheim ---but Mann really needs to go away.

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