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Board Faces Upheaval at Ballot Box

Written By Editor on 10/28/13 | 10/28/13

With over 95% of respondents saying they disapproved of the current board of supervisors in a recent Schoharie News poll, one would expect a county wide upheaval of their elected representatives in favor of new, fresher voices - and they're going to get at least three to begin with heading into next Tuesday.
Citizens of Broome, Conesville and Wright are heading to the polls next Tuesday with no incumbent supervisors on the ballot and three contested races with competent candidates to choose from, due to Mr. Brandow's retirement; Ms. Batz's decision to run for town clerk and Mr. Goblet's unfortunate passing.

Add in the fact that incumbents are facing challenges in Blenheim, Carlisle, Cobleskill, Esperance, Fulton, Jefferson, Richmondville, Schoharie and Seward during this hostile environment towards elected officials and the end results could be transformational: anywhere from three to twelve new individuals may potentially be taking seats on the third floor of the county office building in January.

Residents of Gilboa and Seward can choose from only their respective incumbents, while Middleburgh and Sharon voters have to wait until 2015 for their say at the ballot box, due to lengthier terms of office in their townships.

Of course, not all members of the board deserve political exile at this time, and that includes members from both sides of the Skowfoe-Vroman divide who have legitimate passions for our county government and should be retained while voters begin initiating the process of implanting the next generation of public officials.

Although there is no worth to predicting next Tuesday's outcomes because there are just too many factors in play, it is safe to say that come January there will be a significant number of fresh faces sitting around the table and perhaps we can move past the Skowfoe-Vroman divide that is plaguing the board of supervisors and towards a more unified, productive administration. 
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