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Cherry on "the Report": "Justice Should be Served"

Written By Editor on 10/14/13 | 10/14/13

With "the Report," conducted by the Fitzmaurice and Walsh Law Firm, set for an explosive release Friday afternoon citizen and public official alike are anxiously awaiting its contents in hopes of finally separating the truth from rumors in regards to accusations of corruption and misconduct in Schoharie County government.

Including County Treasurer Bill Cherry.

When asked for his thoughts concerning the "Fitzmaurice Report" earlier today, Mr. Cherry replied that in his opinion "there was a concerted effort by some county officials to bypass New York State Civil Service Law during a dark period that spanned the past three to four years," and that "If the report shows that county officials abused their position and used their authority to benefit their friends or unfairly punish rank and file employees working in county government, the perpetrators should be identified and justice should be served."

Although the contents are rumored at this point, if confirmed the $300,000 report would essentially indict several public and political officials for creating a culture of intimidation in Schoharie, which Mr. Cherry firmly believes that "There is no room in our county government for individuals who place politics above public service, or personal ambition above the law."

And there is no room for disagreement with Mr. Cherry's assessment. 

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Bl12043 said...

What if Mr. Cherry is one named to be a "perpetrator"? Will it be curtains for him?

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