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It's Official: The Report to be Released Friday

Written By Editor on 10/12/13 | 10/12/13

Sources close to the Board of Supervisors have confirmed that "the Report" that has developed over the last two years is due for imminent release. The $300,000 price tag for the compilation has become a bone of contention at the Board of Supervsiors. The Supervisors have read the transcripts of the interviews conducted but have not seen the final draft of the report. One source has said that the attorneys compiling the Report came to the County Building on Friday to conduct an exit interview but have been turned away.

The Report's contents have not been fully divulged but one official has indicated that the aftermath could be a "bloodbath." Multiple current and past officials will likely be implicated but it is not clear if there will be criminal charges. Judicial code appears to show that immediate charges may not be possible, but firings could follow through civil service.
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