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Milone Donates Salary Back to Schoharie

Written By Editor on 10/16/13 | 10/16/13

Schoharie has been facing many troubles over the last two years, especially on the budgetary level. With the dramatic fall of local property values and dozens of local residents leaving due to Irene, both the Village and Town budgets have been stretched to the max. Thanks to the quick actions of Mayor John Borst and the Village Board and Supervisor Gene Milone and the Town Board the pain has been reduced significantly.

One example is Supervisor Milone's decision not to draw a 2013 salary from the Town. Being a technically part-time position, Milone was eligible for a $8,775 salary this year. He instead donated it back to the budget. $8,950 was budgeted for the 2014 budget, but only due to the fact that the Supervisor's position may be switching hands. The almost $9,000 represents a large portion of the small tax increase this year. If re-elected the money could be placed back into the Town's general fund.

Every Town and Village cannot have their officials give back their small salaries but when it does happen it is appreciated.
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Bl12043 said...

Do you think working for nothing is proper? Some elected leaders work hard and deserve to be paid, this should not be a charitable situation.

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