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Milone's Idea Leads to Creek Remediation Plan

Written By Editor on 10/1/13 | 10/1/13

June's flash flood that washed down the Main Street of Schoharie and Middleburgh sent shockwaves to the communities that are still getting back on their feet after Hurricane Irene. The flash flood may have only caused minor damage, but it did spring leaders into action. Middleburgh distributed sandbags to businesses. Schoharie reviewed its strengths and weakenesses.

And Mr. Milone had an idea.

Mr. Milone spoke with Assemblyman Peter Lopez, who had once held the seat of Supervisor. Milone made the suggestion that retaining ponds could be placed along the routes of many of the creeks of the County. This initial project was considered hyrologically unsound upon further review but provided the opening needed for more attention on the subject.

Mr. Milone's suggestion spurred Assemblyman Lopez into action. Lopez organized a meeting in June with local officials to discuss stream remediation. This grew later in the month and again in July. Mr. Lopez' working group now has support from his office, Senator Seward, and Congressman Gibson. The communities along the Valley have voiced their support.

He expanded on the idea in an August letter to the editor. "All parties involved in this effort realize that if we are to protect our residents we must address the problems that exist in our waterways by curing the problems and using methods that will lessen impacts."

The working group has expanded its set of plans to the point where a potential solution is on the table. The County Soil and Water Department has been instrumental in reviewing existing plans as well as applying for and receiving funds from the State for future remediation. Much of the work is a long way from completion but it started with an idea of Mr. Milone's.
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