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Opinion: Avoid the Same Mistakes at the County Level

Written By Editor on 10/11/13 | 10/11/13

This year's fourteen Town Supervisor races seem to hold an even greater importance than even two years ago. The 2011 elections in the aftermath of Irene appeared to be the ones to remake the County-- and in a way they have.

Divided government is not the way to go.

Most of the members of the Board of Supervisors-- whether we endorse them or not-- are honorable people of both parties. Almost all of them have brought good ideas forward and have been able to attempt to rebuild damage from the flood.

However, for much of the term, this hasn't worked.

Personality and politics-- both electoral and office-- seem to have gotten in the way for much of the progress needed. The continual reshuffling of the Board of Supervisors, coupled with the poisonous rhetoric of some (paging Mr. Singletary) have severely reduced the effectiveness of our public servants.

Fortunately, we have seen advances-- much coming from the Treasurer's, District Attorney's, and County Clerk's offices respectively-- almost picking up the pieces of policies that needed to be pursued by the Board Committees themselves.

However, with the balance of the Board of Supervisors in the balance in less than a month we must learn from the lessons of the last two years. Cliques are no longer acceptable. There is a need for the Supervisors that are often united by political party or personal relationships to work together even when electioneering rhetoric could cause problems.

Another divided Board and a constant game of musical chairs is simply unacceptable. If this happens again, the question will shift from how to make the members work together to how to throw the bums out.

Fortunately, we're not there yet. We have honorable people already in office and some newcomers that would be up to the job. Let's learn from our own actions and use this brainpower for the common good.
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