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Opinion: A Clear Choice in Jefferson

Written By Editor on 10/8/13 | 10/8/13

We've heard enough here at the Schoharie News to make up our minds on another pivotal election. Yes, Jefferson may only control about 1-2% of the weighted votes on the County Board, but it has become one of the most important-- and contested races in the whole County.

It all started with the machinations of current Supervisor Dan Singletary. His boisterous, condescending attitude on the Board helped sharpen the fissures already affecting the body. The current term of the County Board may have had the most trouble of any in the last several decades and much of it had to do with the stonewalling and bizarre tactics of one Supervisor in particular.

In a race like this, an editorial is supposed to list at least a few positive accomplishments of the candidate we do not endorse. I'm sure that Mr. Singletary has accomplished something positive on the County level during his time in office, but we can't find anything of note. Perhaps it would be better just to leave that box unchecked as his antics have caused more harm than good.

Surely County Treasurer Bill Cherry made the right call in aiding Singletary's ouster from the GOP ticket but our decision is based on more than that.

The residents of Jefferson-- and the entire County-- need someone that will be able to work with the people around him-- both in politics and outside. His outbursts are unacceptable and are holding back some important efforts.

Now, we could not endorse if there wasn't a better candidate. Fortunately, there is.

Sean Jordan is an excellent example for the people of Jefferson and the wider County. A near-expert in planning and development issues, Mr. Jordan can do tasks that other Supervisors would have to pay for. He could write grants, work with people at the County and State level that he has already been in professional contact with-- and come in with a positive attitude and demeanor that Mr. Singletary never has. He has the drive and the experience to take on the task at both the Town and County level.

Mr. Jordan is an intelligent, thoughtful candidate and the one fit to lead Jefferson for the next two years.
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Finally .... I can agree with one of your opinions.

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