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Opinion: Four More Years for Sacket

Written By Editor on 10/28/13 | 10/28/13

The Schoharie Valley has seen multiple issues with those in public service lately. There have been issues that require a clean break and a new start.

However, there are parts of the local government that are working for the interests of the people and not for the officeholders. There are multiple examples of this across the County-- with Supervisor Gene Milone and County Treasurer Bill Cherry fighting for the taxpayers and people's right to know what is happening in their local government. The same is easily said for District Attorney James Sacket.

Mr. Sacket is a humble man and lets his accomplishments often speak for him. He has prosecuted many of the most difficult chapters in recent Schoharie County history and has done so with a sense of professionalism that is sorely needed at the County level. Mr. Sacket has also done so with a fine staff behind him making sure that those that deserve to be behind bars are there.

Yes, Mr. Sacket is unopposed in this year's race. However, it should be obvious to observers why this should be considering his track record. Here is to another four years for Jim Sacket.
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