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Opinion: We Want Answers on "The Report" Now

Written By Editor on 10/13/13 | 10/13/13

Following months of public intrigue and political wrangling, the long awaited $300,000 "report" on corruption and intimidation within county government is set to be released on Friday - when the Board of Supervisors convenes for their monthly meeting - the result of which will be nothing short of the absolute upheaval of Schoharie County's political landscape.
While we do not know the specifics of Friday's pending report, The Schoharie News can confirm it will likely shape the outcome of several of this fall's elections due to names we have heard repeated from multiple sources over and over this past week and that the aftermath could be a "bloodbath."
Although just a handful of days stand between full knowledge of "the report" and what we know now, and we could simply wait for the aftermath, that isn't how this news site works. We work for you and as your response indicates very clearly: you want answers. Now.
And so do we.
We want to know exactly what does the report say about the way our county government operates? And who is named in this report. Why? And why haven't supervisors (besides a select few) been calling for the report's release in a timely manner?
And we want to know now, which is why we're going to keep digging until we get those answers and why we're not content with just waiting for the news to develop... Because we're in the news of developing the news to best inform you, the reader, on the state of public and political affairs inside the halls of power in Schoharie County.
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Anonymous said...

Now you're going in the appropriate direction.

Remember way back when Mr. Cherry said in the meeting ( that was plastered on YouTube )
"The one that should go is the Personnel Director". And then Mr. Singletary tried to discredit him using it in an attempt to protect the Ethingtons ?
Mr. Cherry knew what was going on back then.
The new slogan should be the " Unethical Ethingtons".

Sharon Aitchison said...

I have, at that this, no pre-conceived notion of the contents of The Report. I will, however, be glad to see this report in full, so we can each make our own conclusions from it's contents. I do not want politicians to release bits and pieces of this!! We should each be able to read it and know the full content. I hope there will be a PDF we can go to, or something similar, to read it.

Bl12043 said...

How is the Personnel Director a plural name Randy? No jail, no jail guards!

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