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Preparing for another Wave Election in 2013

Written By Editor on 10/31/13 | 10/31/13

In 2011, due to the flood and retirements, a series of changes remade the County Board. Longtime Supervisor Dennis Richards of Middleburgh did not run again and James Buzon won in November. Fourteen-year Supervisor Martin Shrederis lost to his 2009 opponent, Gene Milone. Anne Batz in Broome took her first term as Supervisor. Three other seats changed hands in 2009, introducing Dan Singletary of Jefferson and re-introducing Carl Barbic of Seward. After Supervisor Desmond became Sheriff Desmond, Sandra Manko took office in Sharon.

The whole situation was a sea change as the Board began seeing issues of instability between 2009-2011. Bill Cherry was removed as budget officer and two new ones, including Cassandra Ethington's ally Alicia Terry, took his place. Fighting among the Supervisors increased, but did not reach later levels.

After the 2011 elections, the situation deteriorated much further. The Board's infighting has been the worst in years and was the most severe leadership crisis on the County level in at least two decades.

In 2013 the situation will be similar, bringing in three separate wave elections in a row.

At least two Supervisors are retiring-- Mike Brandow of Conesville and Anne Batz of Broome. Another, Dan Singletary, is believed to be on his last legs. In Wright no Supervisor has been seated since the death of Bill Goblet-- so another new Supervisor there. In Esperance, Cobleskill, Schoharie, Blenheim, and Fulton there are competitive races.

Would nine new Supervisors govern any better than the current lot? Many would argue yes-- that the dysfunction on the Board must stop. Still, if some of the current candidates are also supporters of the group that placed Cassandra Ethington in charge, there could be far more problems.

Ultimately, it could be argued that the three wave elections in a row show a dysfunction of the current Board of Supervisors structure-- and as Gene Milone said, the lack of a County Executive.
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