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Schoharie 2013 Interview: Milone vs. Shrederis

Written By Editor on 10/30/13 | 10/30/13

Town of Schoharie voters will have to choose between incumbent Supervisor Gene Milone and the man he defeated in the 2011 election, former Supervisor Martin Shrederis, once again in next week's hotly contested town supervisor campaign between these polar opposites that the Schoharie News was fortunate enough to interview.


Mr. Milone - Before retiring to Schoharie, Mr. Milone worked in the New York State Transit Authority for three decades where he rose up the ranks from a bus driver in Staten Island all the way to the presidency of his local union, and later served as a supervisor. Since moving to Schoharie he has served as Town Councilmen for six years and Supervisor for two.

Mr. Shrederis - Mr. Shrederis is a lifelong resident of Schoharie who owned a dairy farm for a number years and recently retired from Berne-Knox school district where he was employed as a bus mechanic. He has served as President of both the Schoharie Fire Department and Little League Association and previously served as Supervisor for fourteen years. 


Mr. Milone - Mr. Milone stated that his campaign has "been very well" to this point, adding that he has visited "almost 650 houses," and that its "almost at its conclusion." He has used this opportunity to address issues that came up at monthly board meetings and to gain the public's perspective on the town's state of affairs.

Mr. Shrederis - Mr. Shrederis believes that he lost in 2011 because he "didn't have time to campaign," due to his many public responsibilities in the aftermath of Irene's devastation in addition to his own home being flooded and still holding a full-time job. He decided to run again because "people [have] asked me to keep running and running."

Town Level

Mr. Milone - Mr. Milone stated that "first and foremost [there] is a need for a grocery store," and that he has worked closely with neighboring Supervisor Jim Buzon and Congressman Chris Gibson's staff to bring one into the area. He also touched on his 2014 budget proposal that sees only a "0.9% increase in taxation," that "represents the cost of operation," and his position that he will not take a salary if reelected, emphasizing that he is a "firm believer of leading by example."

Mr. Shrederis - Mr. Shrederis named his "biggest concern" as bringing more businesses back to Main Street and that he's in favor of the pipeline looking to come into Schoharie, adding that the result will be "cheaper fuel." He also hopes that the Town of Schoharie and Cobleskill Stone's legal issues can be resolved, stating that "we won the last case," and that "maybe we can get this resolved." 

Tax Abatement

Mr. Milone - Mr. Milone said that he "struggled with himself for a long time since the flood" and that he spent that time "understanding their loss and the tears," concluding that his proposal for tax abatement would be the town's "opportunity for us to rebuild our community," and that if it doesn't work "we lose nothing." Four town laws were passed and it "offers something for everyone."

Mr. Shrederis - Mr. Shrederis position is that "first of all: we had many residents that were hit by Irene," and "they got a tax break for a short period of time." Adding that the tax abatement is "too long of a period," and "not fair to all residents who got a short-term break" that people who want to move in got a longer tax break. He conceded that "it's an incentive," but it’s "way too long."

The Report

Mr. Milone - Mr. Milone's motion twenty months ago before the Board of Supervisors initiated the entire Fitzmaurice Report process that resulted in the first section being released last Friday. Mr. Milone painfully opposed that release on the grounds that its contents would be "misleading," and that he wanted the full report published. 

Mr. Shrederis - Mr. Shrederis contends that the "amount of money [spent on the report] is a waste," and that the "second half isn't going to come out with more than the first," labeling the first section has nothing more than "scuttlebutt." He went on to label the report as a "witch hunt," but that it was "smart they sent it to the attorney general."

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randy said...

A few points for the voters in the Town of Schoharie to ponder:
Mr. Shrederis states the pipeline will result in lower fuel costs for the town. We've all read that it will not have an impact on what we have to pay locally.
Mr. Shrederis states " he lost in 2011 because he "didn't have time to campaign," due to his many public responsibilities in the aftermath of Irene's devastation in addition to his own home being flooded and still holding a full-time job." I suspect he wants everyone to believe he suffered the same impact as the rest of the village for the sympathy vote ---- When in reality his first floor never got wet. These small distortions of the truth are his standard operating method.
Mr. Shrederis seems to think everything was fine at the county complex and the personnel director ,that he helped put in place, did no wrong.
A vote for Mr. Shrederis is a major step backward.

martin said...

I am in favor of the pipeline, because I have talked to a franchise vender that would come to Schoharie and explain the cost savings to Schoharie

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