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Setting Our Sights on Cobleskill's Mayoral Race

Written By Editor on 10/10/13 | 10/10/13

Following the success of our interview series with this fall's sheriff candidates, we have decided to reach out to the candidates in the county's second most important race: Cobleskill's mayoral race between incumbent Mark Galasso and Village Trustee Linda Holmes.
Although often over-shadowed in significance by its town counterpart, the Village of Cobleskill is both the economic and political hub of Schoharie County - its decisions on pivotal issues such as Guilford Mills, economic development, dissolution and police enforcement - set the standard for an area lacking effective leadership.
Which is why this fall's election between Mr. Galasso and Mrs. Holmes will have such a significant impact on not only residents of Cobleskill, but the county's political realm as a whole. And thus our interest in discovering more about these two vastly different candidates.
We have already reached out and interviewed Mrs. Holmes and have not yet received a response from an email sent to Mr. Galasso's account, but we hope to hear back soon and have a conversation with him as well.
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