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The Schoharie News to Publish Candidate Interviews

Written By Editor on 10/22/13 | 10/22/13

While the Schoharie News has been busy covering the Fitzmaurice Report, its alleged findings and debate over when it will actually be released, we have also conducted several interviews with candidates for office: Cobleskill Village Trustee and candidate for Mayor Linda Holmes, Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone and Esperance Supervisor Earl Van Wormer.
Over the next two weeks we will be rolling these interviews out in addition to any other we conduct between now and election day, which is fast approaching and of unbelievable significance this cycle to public policy for residents of Schoharie County. 
These interviews do not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate, but often the failure to interview both candidates in a race - such as in Cobleskill where we did not receive a response to an email request to talk with Mr. Galasso and in Schoharie where multiple phone calls failed in an attempt to talk to Mr. Shrederis.
If either of the aforementioned (including Steve Miller in Esperance) were simply unavailable at the time and wish to discuss the issues, we encourage them to reach out before the election so that we can present a fair and balanced view to their various electorates. And that offer goes for any other candidates willing to sit down or talk over the phone before November 5th.

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