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Lame Duck Board of Supervisors Meets Friday

Written By Editor on 11/13/13 | 11/13/13

The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Friday in the first of two lame-duck sessions facing the current slate of supervisors following last Tuesday's political realignment at the ballot box, which will result in four to six new individuals taking seats on the county board - pending the final absentee count in Blenheim and Fulton.

However, several issues still face the county board in the remainder of 2013: managing the continued fall-out caused by the Fitzmaurice Report's findings, revising the 2014 county budget to meet public expectations after last week's hearing on the subject and internally re-configuring board politics following the results of election day which will usher Republicans back in control come January with a slim majority.

There is currently no public agenda posted on Schoharie County's website for the board meeting, which will convene at nine Friday morning on the third floor of the county building in Schoharie. All meetings are open to the public and typically take a one hour recess for lunch in the vicinity of eleven thirty to twelve, followed primarily by the introduction and passage of operating resolutions.

One thing to watch is how Chairman Phil Skowfoe acts as his re-election hopes hang in the balance of 24 absentees in the Town of Fulton and, if he's victorious on that front, whether he will retain the bipartisan coalition that holds his chairmanship together or if Republicans will coalesce around their own candidate in the fast approaching January meeting. 
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