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Letter to the Editor: Milone Looks Toward Future

Written By Editor on 11/24/13 | 11/24/13

Dear Editor, Neighbors and Friends,
Now that the dust has settled with respect to elections, it is time to continue focusing on issues of importance concerning both the towns and county. It has been no secret that flood mitigation efforts have been ongoing and numerous meetings have already taken place involving many state and federal agencies attempting to come up with not only a plan to address future flooding events, but also to acquire the necessary funding needed to implement them. I am pleased to say once again, that our Assemblyman Peter Lopez and Senator James Seward as well as our Congressman Chris Gibson, have been in the forefront on this issue ever since my calling upon them for assistance.
It is also important for you to know that there is currently a major movement to afford the County Board of Supervisors opportunity to address both the New York State Assembly and Senate regarding the issues of mandate relief to our county as well as reform on the recently passed Safe Act-two major issues which effect every Assemblyman’s and Senator’s district throughout the state. It is our hope to have our voices heard, and if necessary, summon the assistance of the general public through possible letter campaigns or demonstrations. Once again we have petitioned our Assemblyman, Peter Lopez and Senator James Seward for assisting us in this effort.
The introduction of solar energy to our county buildings and residents is another major issue being dealt with. This issue holds much excitement for county residents particularly with respect to cost savings that should be considerable. There are state contributions available pertaining to the implementation of solar energy, which the county should be taking full advantage of.
There also remains the issue of reconstructing County Government pertaining to policies and procedures being put in place, which have never before existed including disciplinary procedures for department heads. Our entire county workforce must be reassured that a new day has come with respect to workplace environment. Employees shall no longer work in fear and they must come to know how very much they are appreciated. There is necessity for new direction and it is my personal opinion that a county manager is needed to prevent our county from continuing to flounder from day to day causing lack of direction and the loss of accountability. The residents and employees of Schoharie County deserve better than business as usual.
The agenda concerning issues to be addressed and achieved is quite lengthy and I remain completely optimistic that the newly elected supervisors will not fall victim to the issue of control and that each will do their best to work with others concerning all the issues at hand. The struggle for power and control between political parties has caused major setbacks in our Democracy. It is past time for all elected representatives to work in the best interest of the people we represent. Our future depends on it. While change is not always easy to acquire we must remember that the people have given our county a fresh start. Hopefully the people will remain vigilant on the call for change.
Gene Milone

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Anonymous said...

And this website and its' Facebook sister will allow folks to publicize issues that are not getting attention. For too long the Times Journal would edit or discard information sent to them because they were concerned about liability.
The condition that allowed bad things to happen was the ignorance of the majority that it was going on at all.
All those that stepped forward wanting to serve should be well aware that folks will now be watching very closely.

Unknown said...

This super knows whats going on.....So glad we get back to some good news about Schoharie County....

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