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Letter to the Editor: Thank You for your Courage

Written By Editor on 11/7/13 | 11/7/13

Dear Editor,
While I have remained silent with respect to your articles, I wish at this point in time, to express my deepest appreciation.  There is much to be said for your willingness to seek out the truth.  Your commitment to write about your findings has been comforting to many, including myself.  You are a breath of fresh air and I congratulate you for your diligence.  The support you have given to identifying those individuals in county government that have been a part of ongoing wrongdoings, deception and criminal activity has been outstanding.
The struggle to stamp out corruption at all levels of government will continue without a doubt and it will take committed individuals to carry on that effort as well as journalists like yourself to help expose the truth.  I wish to thank you for believing in those of us who have been on the front lines struggling to unveil what the facts really were pertaining to allegations of targeting, harassment and discrimination in our county work place.
I wish to thank you for your courage, stamina and unbiased opinions.  You exemplify what true journalism is about.  Your website has and will continue to be a source of information to Schoharie County residents.  As an elected representative of the people, I could not ask for anything more than for you to report  what is factual.  You have captured the attention of many.  Please stay committed to what is right and I thank you personally for believing in me.
Gene Milone
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