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Nine Supervisors Face Opposition, While Vroman Bides his Time

Written By Editor on 11/1/13 | 11/1/13

In an election cycle where anti-incumbency is running at all-time highs in Schoharie County, following the tumultuous reign of Summit Supervisor Harold Vroman and the inquiry marred tenure of Fulton Supervisor Phil Skowfoe, it is no wonder that twelve of fourteen town supervisor races are contested this year and that we could possibly witness half of the board removed on Tuesday.
However, there are two incumbents that are fortunate enough to escape the voters evaluation. One being the likeable Supervisor of Gilboa, Tony Van Glad, who hasn't faced a challenge in years with the other being the aforementioned Supervisor of Summit, Harold Vroman, who in the eyes of the Schoharie News is rather deserving of an opponent.
On principle we believe that all incumbents deserve to be challenged, basing our belief on John Dalberg-Acton's famous quotation that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." As such, no occupant of any level of governance should feel entitled to keep his power without the consent of the governed through a contested vote.
This holds especially true in regards to Mr. Vroman, who during his two years atop the Board of Supervisors oversaw not only a county government that engaged in harassment and misconduct by its Personnel Director against its own employees but a county board that was sued by half of its members because Mr. Vroman switched committee assignments mid-year to accommodate his allies.
While all of his lieutenants face serious challenges across the county on Tuesday, Mr. Vroman will remain at ease with full knowledge that his reelection is guaranteed. Thanks in part to his name appearing on the Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines, eliminating any hope for even a write-in to possibly mount a last minute bid.
With the balance of power very narrow in county politics at this time, all Mr. Vroman needs is for one town to flip and his coalition will once more regain control of the board, all the while he rests comfortably in Summit while the current board Chairman Phil Skowfoe fights off a tough challenge in Fulton - the way every incumbent should have to, particularly those with heightened influence in the political realm. .
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