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Voter Turnout High Across County

Written By Editor on 11/5/13 | 11/5/13

Update (6:24 pm): Turnout is reportedly over 800 in Schoharie, which if accurate, indicates they have already 2011's results beat with three hours to go.

Reports of a higher turnout then in 2011's off-year election are streaming in from across the county on the Schoharie News facebook page, although the effects of Hurricane Irene have to be taken into consideration when comparing totals from the Valley.
While we have heard reports of it being busy in both Broome and Cobleskill through out the day, one reader commented that over 500 voters had cast their ballot in Middleburgh at three pm, while another said she was #219 in Summit at two pm, both of which are almost two-thirds of 2011's totals with after-work voters still yet to be counted.

The feeling around the political water cooler is that voters are more active and interested in participating this cycle, due to both the fluidity of county politics this year and increasing anger caused by the contents of Fitzmaurice and those accused of wrongdoing in its contents.
As we are trying to guesstimate voter turnout, we would appreciate any input from our readership and ask that you either comment on this article or email us at with your number or stories from the ballot box.
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