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Artic Cold Front Freezes Upstate New York

Written By Editor on 1/7/14 | 1/7/14

With mid-day temperatures hovering in the single digits, residents of not only Schoharie County but the entire State are dealing with yet another frigid Artic front that is being accompanied this time by twenty to thirty mile per hour wind gusts, creating a potentially dangerous situation to anyone outside for any length of time.
Trust me, I wish it was in Celsius... But it's not.
Schools have been closed across Upstate New York due to the harsh temperatures, which have at times felt like almost twenty degrees below zero when you factor in wind chill, while cars and even people begrudgingly made the morning commute. Lows are expected to reach zero and below tonight as the gusty winds continue until tomorrow.
But look on the bright side, highs are guesstimated to reach the forties and maybe even the fifties this weekend. A reminder that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and hope in any situation, even when Artic cold fronts are involved.
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