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Leadership Key in Cobleskill Transition

Written By Editor on 1/14/14 | 1/14/14

With the transition of both executive offices in Cobleskill now complete, the hard work begins for Mayor Linda Holmes and Supervisor Leo McAllister. Both have to deal with the issues of Cobleskill's stalling economies and how to deal with programs initiated by their predecessors.

For McAllister, the learning curve was set when he took office. Seemingly ready for the job, McAllister impressed at the January County Board of Supervisors meeting, showing an acumen that has not inhabited Cobleskill's seat at the chamber in years. Meanwhile, his connections in the business community seem to be paying off as projects such as a new gym and Mavis Tire are finally completed.

For Mayor Holmes, decisive action was the order of the month in December. While thanking former Mayor Mark Galasso for his input on the issue of dissolution, her decision to dissolve that committee was met with mostly positive reviews. It also showed that her focus on community involvement would not be overshadowed by an effort to dismantle the village of Cobleskill. Beyond this, her leadership in creating a Cobleskill facebook page and the recent clearing of snow by her and her trustees have been winners with popular opinion.

Whether or not this trend will continue, it is a different, more cooperative tone than Cobleskill has seen since the election of Mike Sellers portended political dysfunction that coincided with other economic issues that the community faced.
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