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As Schoharie County Considers Administrator Proposal, Montgomery County Welcomes First Executive

Written By Editor on 1/10/14 | 1/10/14

Town of Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone's proposed County Administrator position has set off a countywide conversation on a issue that has jumped on and off again the Board of Supervisors radar the past two decades, in a debate that mirrors neighboring Montgomery County's recently reviewed and voter approved change in government.  
After operating under a governing system that closely resembles that of Mr. Milone's proposal for approximately twenty five years, where a County Board of Supervisors of fifteen members (10 Town and 5 City of Amsterdam) and an appointed administrator handled public business, Town of Glen Supervisor Larry Coddington successfully initiated efforts that led to the establishment of the County Government Study Committee in early 2012. They were tasked with conducting research into altering the county's form of government.
The Committee's findings led to the subsequent creation of the Montgomery County Charter Commission that over three months found that the previous system failed due to the, "personality conflicts and differences of styles between the County Board of Supervisors (legislators) and the County Administrator." 
Commission members subsequently drafted and proposed a new form of county government. One that replaced the existing Board of Supervisors with a nine-member legislative body, put in place an elected County Executive and received both Board of Supervisors approval and slightly over 60% of the public's support in November, 2012.
Matthew Ossenfort, who previously worked in Assemblyman George Amedore's office as Chief of Staff and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration, was elected to serve as Montgomery County Executive this past November. Voters also elected nine district level legislators to replace the outgoing Board of Supervisors.  
The issue of County Administrator is expected to be discussed at the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors monthly board meeting on Friday, January 24th at 9 am. Lawmakers are not expected to take immediate action on the proposal, but the choices that Montgomery County made may weigh heavily on their own decision making.
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Unknown said...

Schoharie County should follow Montgomery County's lead. The current Board of Supervisors method has been ruled illegal in other counties in NY in the Federal Court system, in cases brought by Republican appointed US Atts. Lets get to the 1 person 1 vote way.

Kittie said...

We need to skip the appointed administrator and go directly to someone who is elected. The people need to chose who the county executive will be. If we let the board of supervisors appoint the position it will a political gift.

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