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Wright CRT to Hold Organizational Meeting Thursday, January 30th

Written By Editor on 1/27/14 | 1/27/14

The Wright CRT (Coordinated Response Team) will hold their organizational meeting Thursday, January 30 at the Gallupville Firehouse at 7:30PM. The CRT consists of the Town of Wright Supervisor, Gallupville Fire Department Chiefs, Gallupville EMS Captain, Scho-Wright Ambulance, Town of Wright Emergency Shelter Coordinators, Wright Highway Supervisor and Wright Emergency Management. 

In addition to pre and post event meetings, the CRT meets annually to review policy, provide updates and provide a venue for new leaders that may have recently taken office to interact and understand the roles the team plays. The CRT began in 2007 as an offshoot of the Town’s Emergency Management Plan and has served as a model for several other towns and has even been recognized by the State Emergency Management Office staff as being one of the most effective. 

Bob Muller, Town Emergency Management Coordinator, credits the CRT for not only providing extremely professional and effective response to four emergency declarations since its inception, including a flood, an ice storm, the record breaking snow of February 2010 and of course Hurricane Irene, but also fostering a spirit of cooperation that has really helped all of the agencies work together when needed even outside of the disasters.  

For more information, contact Bob Muller, Emergency Management Coordinator, (518)588-6002.

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Unknown said...

As a former Fire Chief in Gallupville for several years and member of both the Fire Department and Scho-Wright Ambulance, both all-volunteer organizations, I commend the Wright CRT and its members for the great work they are doing for the community. They should be proud for making this program a model for others throughout the county and state. While I no longer am in the area, I still visit when I can, and It is truly great to see my hometown doing great things! Congratulations to Bob Muller for his leadership, the Fire Department, Ambulance service, Emergency Management and the Town of Wright for your efforts, and keep up the great work!

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