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Man Seeks Shelter in Vehicle, Dies Overnight in Schoharie

Written By Editor on 2/9/14 | 2/9/14

Update: After a personal plea from the victim's family, the Schoharie News has removed the Times-Union's story concerning the death of a young man in Schoharie, which according to our sources may have been inaccurately reported earlier this evening. Thank you. 

Update 2: We have confirmed certain details of the Times-Union's story with Sheriff Desmond, but will hold off on publishing any details until the autopsy is completed, and the department issues their own press release concerning the man's death. 

Update 3: The Sheriff's Office filed an official press release published here

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Kenny said...
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Editor said...

The story above was quoted from the Times-Union, the Schoharie News is working to verify their report for accuracy.

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