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Supervisors Vote Down Casino Proposal

Written By Editor on 2/25/14 | 2/25/14

Schoharie County Supervisors voted down a proposed resolution Friday evening that, if adopted, would have signaled the Board of Supervisors interest in seeing a casino constructed within county limits. Sharon Town Supervisor Sandra Manko offered the eye-catching resolution for consideration.

Despite hearing arguments that building a casino in Schoharie County would lead to increased job creation and human tourism, legislators voted down the proposal 1118-1616. Supervisors Buzon, Jordan, Manko, Milone and Skowfoe voted in favor, while the rest were either excused or against .

Commenting that her no vote wasn't against the casino in principle, Wright Town Supervisor Amber Bleau told the Schoharie News she felt that, "our local infrastructure isn't prepared for the traffic." She would go on to add that, "I'm also concerned with the potential for increased drinking and driving."

Last November New York voters approved a statewide initiative by fourteen percent authorizing up to seven casinos to be built in the state. Schoharie County residents narrowly supported the ballot measure by a mere two hundred votes, indicating the public is just as split on the issue as its officials. 
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Sharon Aitchison said...

I don't believe for a moment that this was well researched! Shame on the BOS!!

Unknown said...

It was stated in the article that "the public is split on the issue". I think that is a misstatement. I think to be accurate, it should have stated the voters are split on the issue.

According to the 2000 census, (only one I could find quickly), there are roughly 32,580 people living in Schoharie County. Of those people, there are about 7,580 people under the age of 18 and not eligible to vote. This leaves around 25,000 that, age wise, can vote.

There were 4,672 votes for the casino, 4417 against. for a total of 9,089 votes. roughly only 27.5% of the population. Therefore, I don't think it gives a clear picture of what the people of Schoharie County really want.

Have you asked John Doe that hasn't been able to find a job in a year and his unemployment is going to run out? He may not vote.
Have you asked Jane Doe that is working a minimum wage paying job that doesn't give her many hours and she is trying to support her family? She may not vote.

What about those that travel outside the county to work? If there was opportunity for employment here, the chances that they would spend their money in the county is greater. I work in Albany. I buy my gas, that jug of milk there, because I'm there. I do try to shop in Schoharie County, but there is not much of variety, so to Albany and Schenectady I go. Hmmmm.. more money being made in Schoharie, maybe more money spent in Schoharie...

Ms. Bleu was concerned about the infrastructure, why worry about that now? There is no guarantee that we would be awarded the casino, but at least give us a shot at it.

The concern with increased drinking, driving, drugs.... they are here, they are already rampant. That is not going to change, but can be dealt with.

More money coming into the county, will help the county.

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