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Abatement Info Available on County Website

Written By Editor on 3/8/14 | 3/8/14

Following the successful passage of two controversial local laws that offer exemptions to first-time home buyer construction and existing homeowner repairs, Schoharie County's web team has added a section on the county website that seeks to address both resident concerns and questions regarding the recently adopted abatement package. 

Including separate pdf documents to read the local laws contents and information in their entirety, the web section also has downloadable applications and instructions for homeowners interested in utilizing the county wide tax exemptions.

The local laws, which were originally adopted in the Town of Schoharie and spearheaded for approval on the county level by Schoharie Town Supervisor Gene Milone, passed on a split vote at the February Board of Supervisors meeting. Opponents argued the laws will end up costing existing homeowners down the road, while supporters insist it will lessen their financial burden by broadening the tax base. 
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Pay me now or Pay me later, Next we will have Tax free zones.......lmao

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