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Jaycox Welcomes NY Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to County Clerk's Office

Written By Editor on 3/25/14 | 3/25/14

On Tuesday, March 18th, Barbara J. Fiala, the NY State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, came out to Schoharie to see first-hand the restored County Clerk’s Office and Department of Motor Vehicles. A former County Clerk herself, from Erie County, Commissioner Fiala has toured many Counties across the state and likes to stay in touch with those Clerks whose DMV offices are truly the “face-of-the-DMV” for so many customers across New York.

Commissioner Fiala was unable to attend the Open-House which Schoharie held last year, and County Clerk Indy Jaycox has kept an open invitation to the Commissioner to visit our scenic valley. “I am so glad to come back to Schoharie and see this beautifully renovated DMV office, particularly after witnessing the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irene,” said DMV Commissioner Barbara J. Fiala. “I commend County Clerk Indy Jaycox, her staff and everyone else who was involved in this amazing recovery. You should all be tremendously proud of your perseverance over this disaster.”

Commissioner Fiala (middle) with Assistant Commissioner
Omarr Evans (left), and County Clerk Indy Jaycox (right)
Accompanying Commissioner Fiala was her Assistant Commissioner DMV/County Clerk Liaison, C. Omarr Evans, pictured here with the Commissioner and Indy Jaycox, the Schoharie County Clerk. Jaycox had over 19 years of service in the Schoharie Department of Motor Vehicles before becoming Schoharie’s 37th County Clerk.

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