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Local Villages Elect New Trustees Amid Low Turnout

Written By Editor on 3/20/14 | 3/20/14

With turnout failing to reach fifty in either local community, a small number of residents in the Villages of Middleburgh and Richmondville came out Tuesday afternoon to vote in their respective municipality's unopposed trustee elections.

Village of Middleburgh

Lillian Bruno - 44
Sheryl Adams* - 43
Write-in votes - 1

Village of Richmondville

Milan Jackson* - 29
Stephen Shore - 26

Neither Village Board is expected to be significantly altered, as both political newcomers (Bruno, Shore) have already served their respective communities in various ways, while the incumbents (Adams, Jackson) were both appointed to fill vacancies by the existing board's before seeking the position in their own right.

*- Denotes incumbent

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