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Middleburgh Basketball Player Always Shoots for His Personal Best

Written By Editor on 3/26/14 | 3/26/14

Albany, NY  – Capital Region Orthopedics is pleased  to announce a driven athlete that is committed to playing basketball and refuses to let anything keep him from performing at his Personal Best. 

Ryan Brown, now a sophomore, is a student at Middleburgh Central School. Ryan is passionate about playing basketball. He is a standout player not only for his talents, but also for his condition.

Ryan was born with amniotic band syndrome, which has affected his limbs. Ryan has only one foot and a total of six fingers.  He wears a a prosthetic foot, and he runs faster than most of his teammates. As a matter of fact, he even shattered his prosthetic foot during a basketball game, but he got right back into playing the game with a spare prosthetic. 

After high school, Ryan would like to continue his journey as a basketball player. His goal is to join the US Paralympics basketball team. Ryan’s coach says, “ There’s no limitations that he sets for himself.” With his driven attitude and willingness to succeed, Ryan is capable of doing anything at his Personal Best.
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