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SUNY Cobleskill Students Spill the Beans on 'Confessions' Facebook Page

Written By Editor on 3/29/14 | 3/29/14

With confessions detailing illegal drug use, crude sexual acts - including cheating and self gratification - and other university oriented hi jinks, SUNY Cobleskill students have been anonymously spilling the beans on Cobleskill Confessions, a facebook page that was created barely two weeks ago and has since attracted over 1,600 likes on the social media outlet.

This is not a new development for higher education, as Inside Higher Ed published an extensive article last year on the spread of so called 'college confession' pages, which has caused concern on campuses nationwide over the privacy and anonymity of their students.

Cobleskill Confessions has thus far published slightly less then three hundred status updates, most of which are innocent enough - students admitting to crushes, thoughts on residence halls and their administrators, and even one tale documenting the successful theft of kittens - but many are far more sinister, and include various crimes and encounters with university police. 

The page guarantees that, "anything you submit is 110% anonymous," and that there is no way to track who the confessions belong to as students submit their comments on an outside google resource that requires no name, email or any potentially identifying information to be disclosed. From there submissions are reviewed to make sure they comply with several page rules that prohibit stating specific names, confessing to extremely illegal crimes, and so on. 

Recognizing the growth of the page, Cobleskill Confessions has announced the trial run of a counterpart service that seeks to infuse image based confessions into their regular postings, which is expected to further blur the lines between harmless college fun and the darker, more repugnant 'confessions' that have come to define the page and the college's reputation. 
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