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Hosting Casino Would Bring Millions in State Aid, Funding to Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 4/28/14 | 4/28/14

The stakes just got that much higher. 

According to a document published on Schoharie County's official website, whether the Howe Caverns site is selected to host the Capital District's regional casino or not, local counties are in line to receive millions in school funding, property tax relief, and government aid.

However, the true jackpot is in hosting the gaming facility, where the home county is projected to receive over $11.4 million in additional revenue. To put that in perspective, that would be the equivalent of funding 15% of Schoharie County's 2014 $71.9 million public budget from just one source. 

As current calculations stand, Schoharie County would receive just under $1 million in funding regardless of where the casino is located, the smallest amount in the entire Capital District by half a million and barely one-sixth of Albany County's projected take home figures. 

Howe Caves Development Corporation recently anted up $1,000,000 in their own funds to move forward with the state application process, signaling the resolve of Schoharie County's local site to be fairly and seriously considered for the gaming facility. 

All eight counties will walk away from the process with something to show for, but only one will be able to cash in their chips because in poker, the house always wins. 

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