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Middleburgh NAPA Comes Down in Heap of Rubble

Written By Editor on 4/8/14 | 4/8/14

In what was once the historic Oneida Markets grocery store, located on the corner of Baker and Main in the Village of Middleburgh, is now a heap of rubble after construction crews began the process of demolishing the rundown building that has been abandoned by Middleburgh NAPA since the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene in 2011. 

Construction crews sealed off Baker Avenue
as they began the process of tearing the old
NAPA down - Photo Credit: Sheila Donegan
A crowd of residents and passersby gathered to watch the demolition unfold, as for years the vacant eyesore has left much to be desired within the village's buzzing business district, which has seen tremendous expansion and growth in post-flood recovery.

Mayor Avitabile watches on as NAPA reaches
its destined end - Photo Credit: Sheila Donegan
Demolition should be completed by the end of the week, but the space will not be empty for long as Mayor Matthew Avitabile teased on the community's facebook page that out of the building's rubble several store fronts are expected to rise, perhaps within the next year. Middleburgh's NAPA auto parts has since relocated to 158 Wells Avenue. 
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