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Sheriff Desmond Backs Howe Caverns Casino

Written By Editor on 4/1/14 | 4/1/14

Cobleskill, NY – Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond on Monday afternoon announced his support for the proposed casino to be sited at Howe Caverns.

“I believe a casino in Schoharie County would have no real impact on our public safety,” Desmond said.

“In fact, I believe that providing more jobs and opportunity for our residents would deter crime that otherwise occur in a tough economy,” Desmond continued.

Desmond also stated that he would welcome working with casino management to help develop a comprehensive plan for the overall security at the casino, all its adjacent properties and the County as a whole.

“I would welcome a strong partnership with the casino management and security team to ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors to our County,” Desmond said.

Desmond, who also served as former Supervisor of the Town of Sharon, mentioned that a casino would also bring a much needed to boost to the local economy.

“I know that specifically in the Town of Sharon and the Village of Sharon Springs there are many good ideas and proposals for economic growth and this could help jumpstart those plans as well as others throughout the county,” Desmond said.

Additionally, Desmond referred to the effect flooding had on the area in 2011 and how creating a tourist destination could help rejuvenate the county.

“I saw first-hand the devastation caused by the flooding in Schoharie County.  It was not only devastation of property, but of morale and spirit as well. The plan to create a world class entertainment destination could be the turnaround that Schoharie County needs,” Desmond concluded.
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