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Letter to the Editor: Federice Responds to "Unwilling to Act" Editorial

Written By Editor on 5/22/14 | 5/22/14

Editor's note: the original op-ed published on the Schoharie News Wednesday afternoon can be found here. We appreciate Mr. Federice's response and hope other Supervisors will in join the discussion as well, as debate is essential to our thriving democracy. 

Dear Editor, 

I find unfortunate your assertion that the Schoharie Board of Supervisors is unwilling to act.  The vote against a County Administrator you cite as an example was not on the agenda.  Supervisor Milone who brought up the subject was not asking for a vote at that time. He was asking when we could could continue the conversation.  Unfortunately, the discussion turned into a debate which frankly we were not prepared to have.

I voted against the Administrator with the comment during the role call vote that we need to continue this discussion.  We simply did not have all the facts yet to conduct a final vote on the subject.  More information such as salary, job description, expectations of an Administrator, qualifications, etc. need to be discussed with specificity. Perhaps, in my view, an Administrator may not be a good idea for Schoharie County but in all fairness the discussion has not covered all the points to make a final decision.     

Lastly, I take umbrage at your characterization of the monthly Board Meetings being a three ring circus. We frequently have disagreements and we can be passionate in arguing for what we think is best.  What is wrong with that?  Isn't that what our founding fathers had in mind in establishing a representative democracy?    

Bill FedericeConesville Town Supervisor
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