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Letter to the Editor: Resident Blasts Schumer on Fracking

Written By Editor on 5/9/14 | 5/9/14

Senator Chuck Schumer says fracking is good and there is widespread support for it. Congress just gave the green light to ship LNG overseas, and he's wasting no time getting the message out to the industry that Upstate NY is for sale.

Mr. Schumer, we want fracking about as much as we want skin rashes, nosebleeds, lung cancer, earthquakes, tap water you can light with a match and the greenhouse gas, methane.

Why is that over 210 municipalities have adopted legislation to ban fracking in NY State? Maybe it's because we've done our homework and seen the destruction this industry leaves in its wake.

New Yorkers will not be lured by the promise of jobs when it means sacrificing the health of our families and our homeland for the profit of a large corporation. What happened to the jobs that were promised by the rebuilding of our infrastructure, or green energy jobs that would restore a sustainable planet.

Annually, $52 Billion US tax dollars go to oil, gas and coal companies in Federal subsidies. Someone please wake up Senator Schumer, he's spending too much time in bed with the fossil fuelers.

Deborah Krol
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Unknown said...

Well written letter that all residents in Schoharie County should read and indorse. Most of the counties towns and many others in the state have passed "no fracking" laws. Our elected representatives should support their citizens opinions not those of major gas companies.

Unknown said...

Plenty of evidence fracking is safe. I would rather this country be energy independent then send billions of dollars and our youth to the middle east to die for oil. Nothing against wind and solar , except it is not ready to supply what we need in the foreseeable future and be able to replace fossil fuels. Do it all, wind, solar and drill, with the goal of being energy independent and not sending our dollars to terrorist countries and sacrifice our youth to die for energy. Frack a well, bring a soldier home and good paying jobs for our kids.

Unknown said...

BeermanJoe could use less beer and more facts. There is plenty of evidence that fracking is unsafe, from easily Google-able records of water contamination to government fines to air quality reports. Most fracking in the US is for gas, not oil or gasoline. Most of our oil is imported from Canada, not “terrorist countries.” The last I checked the worse thing Canada did was send us Justin Beber.

We import only a very small percentage of oil from the Middle East and none from countries the US State Department has identified as terrorist states. We import the largest amount of natural gas via pipeline from Canada as well and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada and Mexico. Mexico hasn’t attacked us since 1846.

If BeermanJoe thinks we send to many young men and women to war over energy the answer is to convince our elected officials not to wage endless and unnecessary wars, not to contaminate our domestic water supplies with fracking.

As for good paying jobs, the State of Pennsylvania is being fracked and New York is not. The Pennsylvania unemployment rate is higher than New York. Finally, according to the Institute for Southern Studies, approximately 435,000 workers are employed by the U.S. oil and gas extraction industry, with half working for well services companies that conduct hydraulic fracking. Fracking workers are seven times more likely to die on the job than other types of workers.

Unknown said...

Good straw man arguments upstate. Connect the dots. Until we are energy independent we will not divest ourselves from the middle east and all the crazies over there. Fracking is not new, it has been done for many years. It has a very positive safety record, there is a world of evidence proving this. And yes you can google all the misinformation on this subject from the left. Until we are energy independent we will send our youth to the middle east to die for energy either for ourselves or our allies. I rather produce energy here where it can be done safely without polluting and not send our youth to get involved in a energy war in the middle east. I choose peace. Hypocritical for those to use the same energy that they do not want to produce.

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