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Opinion: Unwilling to Act

Written By Editor on 5/21/14 | 5/21/14

Supervisors concluded hours of emotional and fiery debate Friday afternoon by voting down the concept of a county administrator. Only four of them - Barbic of Seward, Jordan of Jefferson, Milone of Schoharie, and Smith of Blenheim - supported the idea first introduced by Mr. Milone in January.

What a disgrace.

Now our opinion at the Schoharie News is that what we really need is an elected executive to oversee the daily operation of county government, but in reality we accept that anything is better than maintaining the status quo of our three ring circus better known as the monthly county board meeting. 

If that means appointing a qualified individual with graduate-level college experience to act as the check on government run amok, so be it. Trusting the people at-large with that decision is our preference, but we understand such as Rome wasn't built in one day; neither will Schoharie be reformed in one vote. 

However, the true crux of the situation lies with the county board's unwillingness to take decisive action on the issue at hand. That issue being the county's inability to function without either ineptitude or hidden agendas bogging down the effective operation of local government, but that in itself explains the county board. 

Change rarely, if ever, occurs at a breakneck pace, but we had hoped it would receive more than just four votes on a Schoharie County Board of Supervisors consisting of six newly elected members and ten veteran lawmakers, who all either ran against or witnessed in person, the horrors of county corruption and governmental ineffectiveness that has plagued local politics.

But.... We digress. 
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logansgramma said...

Totally agreed. They are unwilling to change.

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