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Artisan's Gallery to Host Vroman's Gnomes Opening

Written By Editor on 6/8/14 | 6/8/14

Gnomes are coming to Middleburgh...

Starting Friday, June 13th at the Artisan's Gallery located on 322 Main Street, Middleburgh, NY, artists Mike and Joe Galli will be unveiling their Vroman's Gnomes. The Gallery will be open from 6-8 pm for the special event, and light refreshments will be served. 

The artists foretold that, "When the clock strikes 6 on the evening of June 13th under the strawberry moon, you are invited to experience the newly discovered land of Vroman's Gnomes. These mystical creatures have been living amongst us since the Devonian Period and have rarely been seen. Emerging from the Ancient Forest and migrating to different regions of Schoharie County, these gnomes hiked from Vroman's Nose and have surfaced to reveal themselves to Humankind." 

Residents and art aficionados are invited to come and see the Gnomes in their natural habitat. For more information on these mysterious creatures, you can visit their official facebook page here which states they were discovered atop Vroman's Nose; protecting the landmark.
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