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Ethington Hearing Set for Early July

Written By Editor on 6/24/14 | 6/24/14

Following the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors vote to take disciplinary action on suspended Personnel Officer Cassandra Ethington at the May county board meeting, a series of three days has been set aside for legislators to consider the future of the department head.

Kicking off on July 8th and lasting through the 10th, Supervisors will meet over three evenings at 5:00 p.m. each night to hear the case against and in defense of Mrs. Ethington in what outside observers are calling a "trial by committee." 

Mrs. Ethington has been suspended with pay by the county board since the second part of the controversial Fitzmaurice Report was released in early November. The investigative report allegedly uncovered widespread misconduct and employee intimidation originating from Ethington's office.

No Supervisors offered comment on the upcoming hearing, stating that they were barred from offering official statements at this time, due to the nature of serving in a position where they will have a final say on what, if any, actions will be taken against the Personnel Officer.
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Unknown said...

I still feel that she was the fall guy (or gal) in a ring of power happy county legislators that were using there power to control that office....."Time is the best story teller"

Anonymous said...

You'd probably feel different if you were one of her "victims".

mslick65 said...

Witch hunt...

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