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Inside Look: Administrator Committee Formed

Written By Editor on 6/29/14 | 6/29/14

Following the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors unanimous vote to study the prospects of creating an county administrator to oversee local government at the June county board meeting, Chairman Tony VanGlad announced the formulation of the study committee's membership early last week.

Among those serving include Mr. Barbic of Seward, Ms. Bleau of Wright, Mr. Jordan of Jefferson and Mr. VanWormer of Esperance. Also selected was Mr. Federice of Conesville, who has been tasked with chairing the pivotal committee. 

Mr. Barbic and Mr. VanWormer have a combined forty plus years of service on the county board, while the committee's remaining three members have less than eighteen months put together. 

Additionally, Mr. Barbic and Mr. Jordan are outspoken proponents of additional oversight by means of an administrator or county executive, while Mr. VanWormer has voiced skepticism toward the proposals and Ms. Bleau has offered few comments on either measure but voted against the administrator concept in May. 

Observers see Mr. Federice as key in committee, because although he voted alongside eleven other town supervisors to squash the concept just two board meetings ago, he has since made statements that he did so due to the fact there wasn't enough information at the time and that he remains undecided on the proposal. 

It is not known whether the Administrator Committee will ultimately have an impact on the county board's final decision, but it can be safely assumed that the committee's approval in conjunction with Mr. Smith of Blenheim's proposed local law authorizing an county administrator indicates momentum for reformists. 
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