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Opinion: One Hundred Years of War

Written By Editor on 7/30/14 | 7/30/14

One hundred years ago this week, the massive Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared war on the tiny country of Serbia for the actions of military renegades that resulted in the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in the border city of Sarajevo, Bosnia. 

It would become the bloodiest military campaign in human history, only to be outdone by the next generation of European leaders mid-century. Armies from around the globe converged in support of their respective alliances, and the rest, is the work of historians. 

However, there is one important lesson we often fail to recognize in studying the great conflict: the failures of civilized men that begat World War One set the stage for over one hundred years of war spanning the world.

From the emboldened rise of communism in Russia to the redrawing of the Middle East in the Ottoman Empire's ashes, and even the oppressively written demands of reparations hoisted upon an indebted, weakened Germany following peace, the conditions had been set in place for continued conflict.

Even now, as we sit in the remote comfort of our homely settings, five wars rage across the globe today: civil wars in Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine, while the Israeli Defense Force strikes at Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip. Not to be forgotten, our men and women still deployed in Afghanistan.

We do not fancy ourselves historians at the Schoharie News, but rather students of history. And as students we have come to an understanding that in order to avoid the mistakes of our past we must first recognize what those mistakes were in the first place, and only then can we etch out a new beginning. 
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